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Revisiting Mass Effect

Possible Mass Effect 1 and 2 spoilers inside.
I just wanna start off this blog by saying that 2010 is looking like a fantastic year for gaming. In this month alone, I'm already gonna buy Bayonetta, No More Heroes 2, and maybe Dark Void, if the demo is as impressive as everyone says it is. However, the game that I'm debating getting is a game that I've noticed lots of people are creaming their jeans about.

Continuing the tradition of RPG-esque shooting, dialogue wheels, and terrible boxart, Mass Effect 2 is coming out January 26th.

I loved Mass Effect when I first got it. I'm not a huge RPG fan (the last game in the genre I completed before Mass Effect was "Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga" on the GBA. Yes, I count that), but something about that game really drew me in. I got completely immersed with the story, to the point that I would sometimes boot up the game just to look through the Codex. Reading an encyclopedia in a video game > reading one in real life. I had some issues with the clunky combat, absurd graphical issues, and ESPECIALLY that goddamned Mako. But it didn't matter, I was having lots of fun lifting people up in the air and riddling them with bullets, punching out reporters, and of course, manipulating my save files to have lots of TV-14 rated sex.

It's like if Samus was a girl or something!

After two initial playthroughs of Mass Effect, I had seen nearly everything the game had to offer and put it on my shelf to gather dust. However, the news that your decisions in Mass Effect AND your character would carry over to the sequel piqued my interest. So two months ago, I deleted my old save files, started a new profile with a female protagonist this time (totally agree with kauza's blog the female Shepard is far more interesting), and got ready to experience Mass Effect all over again.

Now, I feel like the game has become a chore. The combat feels less "charmingly flawed" and more just straight up flawed. Why the hell are there squad commands when my squad chooses not to follow them, run out like freaking Leeroy Jenkins and get shot to pieces instantly? Why is this cover system so awkward? Why is there such limited tactile response to being shot that I can't even tell if I'm near death until I look down at my health?

The Mako driving is just pissing me off, and not in a good way. Wait, is there a good way to be pissed off? Never mind. And since 2007, I've become incredibly jaded with morality systems and the one in this game has the same problems that I had with Bioshock. You can either be a saint who goes to Space Church 5 days a week, or a complete jerkass who uppercuts babies for the lulz.

I actually couldn't find any pictures of people uppercutting babies to put here. Sorry.

I'll finish Mass Effect again to carry over Ms. Alisha Shepard to Mass Effect 2, but I really feel like the magic of the first game has worn off, leaving me with a game that's not fun until the dialogue sessions where I can use my fully-leveled up Intimidate skills to yell at people. It's just that now, my waning level of interest in Mass Effect 1 is kinda making me not want Mass Effect 2.


Wait a minute...vastly improved shooting? FAST aiming? Dismemberment? Sweet-ass exclusive armor?

...Dammit, Bioware. Guess I'm pre-ordering. As many issues as I have with Mass Effect 1...I just can't pass this up. It's a great case of the developer improving a product based on consumer complaints, and I'm actually interested in the sequel. Plus, I gotta see if Wrex comes back.

Just, no more Mako, please?
Seriously guys.
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