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The Future: A Not-So-Quick-Hit Look at Videogames of the Future.

Where else can video games go? I'm sure many people are thinking this. We keep retreading the grounds of World War 2, pushing the limits on graphics, battling as grizzled space marines, waggling our wiiwangs, and battle amongst fellow gamers over who has the better plastic box. What can video games do different now? Here is a "non-so-quick-hit" overview of what can be improved upon, changed, or innovated...maybe...

IMPROVEMENT--1. Less Waggle = Much Less Nag(gle): Games that rely too much on waggle or motion control aren't very fun. However, the opposite type of game can be taken (that is, with too little waggle) and we'll be clamoring for more. Why not make waggle optional? A menu setting can be added to games, turning off motion control when the player decided to not worry about it, leaving it to use at a different date. There were many times when I would come home with arms aching from moving irrigation pipe, and I wouldn't want to play a Wii game because of having to waggle. If we could use it at our discretion instead of all the time, it might make for a better game. Also, there would be less frustration at accidental deaths because of said waggle. (hell, if I had 2 dollars for every time I spin-jumped in the new Mario game because I decided to change from sitting on my bed to sitting in a chair, or just sitting there, I could buy a computer capable of running Crysis on maximum settings...which, I'm certain that if you are capable of running Crysis on maximum power, it can turn into Skynet...we have been warned.)
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