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The Future: A Not-So-Quick-Hit Look at Videogames of the Future.

Where else can video games go? I'm sure many people are thinking this. We keep retreading the grounds of World War 2, pushing the limits on graphics, battling as grizzled space marines, waggling our wiiwangs, and battle amongst fellow gamers over who has the better plastic box. What can video games do different now? Here is a "non-so-quick-hit" overview of what can be improved upon, changed, or innovated...maybe...

IMPROVEMENT--1. Less Waggle = Much Less Nag(gle): Games that rely too much on waggle or motion control aren't very fun. However, the opposite type of game can be taken (that is, with too little waggle) and we'll be clamoring for more. Why not make waggle optional? A menu setting can be added to games, turning off motion control when the player decided to not worry about it, leaving it to use at a different date. There were many times when I would come home with arms aching from moving irrigation pipe, and I wouldn't want to play a Wii game because of having to waggle. If we could use it at our discretion instead of all the time, it might make for a better game. Also, there would be less frustration at accidental deaths because of said waggle. (hell, if I had 2 dollars for every time I spin-jumped in the new Mario game because I decided to change from sitting on my bed to sitting in a chair, or just sitting there, I could buy a computer capable of running Crysis on maximum settings...which, I'm certain that if you are capable of running Crysis on maximum power, it can turn into Skynet...we have been warned.)

OK, maybe waggle isn't bad...

INNOVATION--2. A Cross-Platform War & Fan Boys: Let's assume a new Wii comes out (I'll call it the Nii...yes, I'm a knight as well). How about a cross-platform war, in the vein of say maybe M.A.G., but with more scale like WoW. The game would be available for all platforms, with a world made of many lands based on different genres. In each of these "genre continents", battles would take place as they would in their respective genres (F.P.S. (First Principality of Shooters) would be like all of the shooter games we know, R.P.G. (Republic of Paladins and Gnomes) would have turn-based battles) [yes, I realize my acronym powers...Steamtoid chat goers know of some of them, including my Destructiod one]. In each of these genre continents, there would be a 3 pronged war, each side being a different system. Do you see where I'm going with this? Results would affect the look of each land, with the console with the most influence having the land resemble more of the company (Sony power would have black monolithic structures, while the Wii would have lots of movement, etc.). A bit ambitious, yes. But it could be done.

CHANGE--3. Taking the Scenic Route: This is not in the same vein as taking the phrase would have it. I mean exploring more territories. Space is not necessarily played out, but space marines are. What happened to the ocean? Arctic showdowns? Deserts where a delirium meter and mirages can occur, leading you astray from a real oasis? Just a thought.

(Courtesy linked by Wasteland Traveler, ogled by Steamtoid chat)

IMPROVEMENT--4. Story Time: Gather around kids, I want to tell you how the Wanderer saved a beautiful princess from the Colossus. While it didn't spill the story out for us in pure words, it gave it to us a very meaningful way. Sure, not ALL games need blockbuster stories. But the ones that set themselves up to have such should deliver.

INNOVATION--5. Close Your World Hole!: While I love them and they're very casual friendly, I miss mission styled games. What would be cool is a mission-based game, and after completing it, you can free-roam, completing other things, picking up items you missed or couldn't get, etc. I could go on, but I would repeat like a lot of open world games now.

These are quicker hits that I really can't formulate into bigger discussions at the moment, but might give you something to think about.

-One music game to rule them all...made by Harmonix and adding in lots of GH's improvements over the past few times (yes, I've played GH5 and VH since the last blog...I like it)

-Super Smash Bros. game with Mr. Destructoid, Gino, and Mega Man. That is all.

-Lastly, fucking MEGA MAN LEGENDS 3 (I could go on forever about it)
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