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In the Eyes of a Gamer: The Hurt Locker is a Perfect Bomberman/Minesweeper movie


Did anyone see The Hurt Locker? Damn, that was one fantastic movie. It's probably one of my favorite movie of 2009. As a movie lover, it was a pretty good Iraq War movie. But, when I saw Jeremy Renner's character in the EOD bombsuit, I couldn't help but think, "Man, this reminds me of Bomberman!"

I gonna tell you why, as a gamer, I think The Hurt Locker is the perfect Bomberman (and also Minesweeper) movie.

The Bombsuit

When I saw the bombsuit, I thought, "That looks like the Bomberman suit!" Apparently, when I first played Bomberman, my two year old brain didn't realize his suit is based on that.

Sure, it's not white. Maybe because it's based on the Green Bomberman.

The Danger of approaching and disarming bombs
The Hurt Locker had really good suspenseful sequences. Will he die in an glorious explosion or not?
It's the same intense feeling when playing Bomberman. Will you explode from that bomb you planted a second ago? Well, The Hurt Locker is more like reverse Bomberman since you're the guy who disarms bombs, instead of planting them. That's why I feel Minesweeper relates to the disarming parts of The Hurt Locker.

I mean there's a time limit. One wrong move and it's KABLAMO! It has that life or death feeling when you play a game of Minesweeper. Not to mention that CollegeHumor Minesweeper movie trailer is somewhat similar to The Hurt Locker. And you just know that if that guy played Minesweeper... he would be the best!

The Ending

Well, I'll try not to delve into total spoilers. But, the ending of The Hurt Locker, you see that Sgt. James goes to another tour of duty, tying it with the overall theme that War is a drug. How does this relate to Bomberman and Minesweeper? It's because these games are addicting and fun. Sgt. James just like Bomberman love dealing with bombs and being in constant danger. You can just imagine Bomberman being in that grocery scene, not knowing what cereal to buy. Bomberman and Sgt. James share that need to be in the battlefield. The ending also explains each sequel of Bomberman: it's just another tour of duty. Or why you play Minesweeper: you're bored.

Logical Dissent

This is where my rational part of my brain tells you why The Hurt Locker would be a horrible Bomberman adaptation, it's just coincidence, or missing connections. There are parts of the movie where it doesn't deal with bombs such as the friendly fire scene (well... that could be an analogy to exploding your friends in multiplayer). Or the sniper shootout? Or when he goes rouge agent? Maybe it is just some similarities. I mean there can't be Louies and Robots and then keep it as a realistic movie.

Regardless, I hope that when you see this movie, the first time, the second time, or whatever, you try to see for yourself.

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