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A free copy of Onechanbara?

I am a university student who has been living in various rented accommodation for the past few years; currently residing in the third different property of said academic career. Due to these houses usually being occupied by students, you can of course expect a certain degree of postal overlap between houses due to the forgetful and lackadaisical nature of their transient occupants. Over the past 5 months, my household has been receiving numerous mail correspondence directed at what we only assume to be a previous occupier. Usually if someone forgets to update their address on some sort of online account, they soon remember when their usual cache of Tesco loyalty card points have been failed to be successfully delivered at the expected date. This fella, though, must be dead or something.

Over the past academic year we have received so much mail for this individual (which is depressing in itself: this guy gets more mail than I do, and he seemingly doesn't give a shit about it) that stealing his identity could be accomplished through nothing more than assimilation information derived through randomly grabbing a handful of any of the numerous envelopes we have collected.. The good upstanding souls that we are, however, has seen us simply adding his mail to a plastic bag (which student household doesn't have 1000+ of those things?) should he ever come looking for it, or we get over our collective lethargy and actually do something about it. Doubtful.

Our curiosity was piqued recently, when a small nondescript box arrived in the post. Good intentions aside, we couldn't help but shake and rattle the box like small children on Christmas eve in the hope that such actions would allow us to fathom what the contents could be. The box occupied a corner of our coffee table for a month or so, providing a constant vessel of mild confusion, frustration but always one of fancy for us.

I'll cut to it: recently the box was somehow opened. Gasp I know I know. IT COULD HAVE SO TOTALLY BEEN A BOMB OKAAAAY. But our self disgust for our unscrupulous actions was soon overshadowed by our amazement and mirth for it's contents: Onechanbara, for the Xbox 360. One of the worst games ever released, let alone one of the gaming travesties of last year.

So, I am presented with a quandary: What do I do with this discovery. I doubt the intended owner of the 'game' (read: interactive wank material) will ever come to collect it, and I am loathe to ebay or auction off things on the internet. Should I play it? Should I just destroy this abomination? ARGH
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