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Noby Noby Boy is the best game ever.

Awright, my first blog post. Testing the waters, I guess? Whatever. Point is, how many games do you play? Now, how many of them give you goals that you must reach to progress? I imagine nowadays, even counting the lame Force Unleashed choice (You know, the one that happened at THE VERY FUCKING END), it's fairly large. That's where Noby Noby Boy comes in.


See, there are no 'choices.' Well, actually, if a choice is whether you 'do' or 'do not' do something, then yes, there are many choices, as in every game ever released. However, this game has no forced goal. When I saw forced, I mean one that, when reached, either means moving to the next point in the game until the end. This game does not have those. It does not ask questions about whether you should save her or eat this, but you can do it whenever you want. Well, maybe not save her, but maybe let her fly out of your butt after you eat her. That works, too.

Or you can just stretch yourself. Eat AND stretch. Or don't do either. Really! It seems stupid for a game to not offer any goals (and, to go along with it, make you come up with your own goals), but it is that exact reason that I think it's the Best Game Ever. It's like they took an NES game with little or no dialogue (Super Mario Bros.?), remade it, and then released it for a cheap-as-hell price of $5. It has a Katamari Damacy vibe, if anyone gets the feeling I'm referring to. You know, that old-school NES one. The one where you smile as wide as you can at the fun you're having.

Citizen Kane of games, doods. Seriously.

I ain't expecting this to go on the front page. I need to actually write something much longer and with actual REASONING behind it. And other stuff. Yeah.
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