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Happy New Year DTOID. Plus a few resolutions.

It is finally here, 2010. Happy New Year DTOID!

This year for me has been a weird mixture of win and total fail. The first half of 2009 was fucking great for me, and then September and October fucked it all up. For starters I got dumped and almost failed out of college. But on the other hand I successfully Dmed a 4e DnD campaign that should be continuing on in a few weeks, started 321GoCast and managed to keep myself sane for another year. I didn�t make any resolutions this year apart from my usual lose weight/get in shape one, but I thought I would share some DTOID related resolutions we could all try to keep.

1) Hate on Necros some more. He deserves it.

2) Listen to 321GoCast. We are funny, I promise.

3) Play old games. Take your backlog and make it your bitch. Also go back to the games that bring you the most nostalgic feelings, and play the shit out of them, expose your friends to them, share with them the magic that those games represent for you.

4) Buy a Zune, trust me they�re good. And you don�t pay the Apple Tax.

5) Go to PAX, PAX East, or a NARP. From what I hear it�s all great fun. You get to hang out with other DTOID people, put a face to the �name� and then put an actual name to the face. Plus you can do terrible things to Necros, which is always fun.

6) Join the DTOID IRC, its fun.

7) Play some tabletops games; they�re fun and hours of barrels of fun.

8) Watch Gurren Lagann, if you haven�t already, why are you reading this, go Download it!!!!
And my last one is,

9) Just keep on being DTOID. I�ve only been here actively for a little over a year, but vie been reading Destructoid for two years and I would not trade the site for any other. Its community members (the ones I can actually say I�m in contact with) are great, fun group of people that genuinely care about the games they play and the people who play the games with them. It�s a great feeling to open up Skype, or IRC and just be able to spark up a nice chat with like minded people. Sure we may disagree on some fundamental points, or on what games are good and such, but that doesn�t stop us from playing games together and that�s whats important, playing games with people who don�t annoy the piss out of you, and who aren�t 12 year old retards.
So on this New Years day, turn on your console, or STEAM or whatever you use, get online and play some fucking games. EAT, DRINK, PLAY GAMES, and BE MERRY

Also, Cocks.
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