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A Hopeful List for Harmonix

Harmonix has brought out the best plastic controller music game, of all time. Guitar Hero can't even compare with it's 500 versions. However, one thing it has been lagging on is hard rock songs.

So, Destructoid, I offer up my list of hopeful Rock Band songs for the future.

Alestorm - Because we want Power Metal...made by Pirates.

Alice in Chains - Especially with harmonizing vocals...that would be off the chain...no pun intended

Alter Bridge - Probably one of the greatest hard rock bands to come out. Awesome guitar parts too. Seriously, why is this not anywhere?!

Arch Enemy - Just for guitars...pretty much

Black Stone Cherry - Great southern hard rock band. Would be GREAT for RB.

Breaking Benjamin - The 3 songs they came out with played great. From Phobia on, the new drummer has only used one kick pedal (and I must say, it's damn hard to play). Perfect for RB. Also, "Blow Me Away" from Halo 2...this should've been in there automatically.

Capcom - Get some of those classic Mega Man tracks and spice them up! Examples: Mega Man 2 Wily's first level, intro to Mega Man 3, "We're the Robots" from MM9 (bonus points for using "We're the Pitchermen"), etc.

Chevelle - Easy stuff, but they would be good for parties and such.

Dethklok - Just because

The Eagles - Get to it

Gorillaz - Seriously guys...come on...

Goldeneye 007 soundtrack - Especially the Cradle

Kamelot - Good "symphonic" type of metal. Wouldn't say they are bound to it, but that's all I can come up with.

Lamb of God - I like 'em. Very hard guitar parts at times too.

Led Zeppelin - Just use their songs already...

Limozeen - It would be funny

Los Lonely Boys - Get some cultural education in this bad boy

Meshuggah - Ok, maybe not them. Their song "Bleed" would kill people from the power of its heaviness and sheer brutality. Honestly, I'm surprised people's heads haven't imploded from it.

Metallica - Not going to happen probably, but you can't go wrong with a bit of them.

Muse - I need more of these guys.

Nickelback - Guilty pleasure. Also because more girls would probably play if they were on.

Nightwish - One of the most "epic" bands out there. I say epic as in, epic soundtrack, not the term commonly used by frat douches.

Nobuo Uematsu - It would be cool to have some FF tracks to play. "Otherworld" from FFX being among them.

Off The Zodiac - my band...please?

A Perfect Circle - don't know what to write, but "Judith" would be cool to jam.

Pink Floyd - You better include the trippy RB scenes

Primus - Just want to play bass on "Winona's Big Brown Beaver"

Rush - MOAR

Seether - solid band, could use some.

Shinedown - good hard rock band

Stone Temple Pilots - older stuff

Tenacious D albums...oh yeah.

Trans Siberian Orchestra - Doesn't have to be their Christmas stuff

Type-O Negative - Mostly to see people try to sing that low

The Who - I know people want this

Van Halen - I know GH did it, but still

old classics like Chuck Berry, Elvis, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and others.

Classical music, but the "neo-classical" variety

That's my list. What about you, Destructoid?
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