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The Destructoid editors in their favorite game boxes [shortblog?] [Pics]

I was just surfing destructoid when the brilliant idea struck me. What if I photo shopped nick chester in the guitar hero box. Latter on I thought, What if I put the faces of the destructoid editors in their favorite games. Today I decided to actually do so. I put each of the editors either in a game they like, or their favorite game's box. I tried to get all the editors, however I am rather new so I don't know about all of them. Not only this, but I had trouble finding pics of some of the editors. So if you are reading this and you arn't included, I am sorry. Also, I would have put samit in a baseball game, but the way the pictures were prevented me from (easily) shopping them. But without further adu, here are the pics

Topher and Stella fight on the streets

Samit plays some #sports, not with the #yankees

Anthony visits city 17

Nick plays some guitar

Jim hangs with Tales

Brad Visits monkey Island

Rey goes to Greece to battle with the gods

Dale takes a pitstop at silent hill

Colette goes back to school

Chad does AMAZING!!!! things

Ben jumps off walls, and into pits

Zimmerman battles dr.light

Jordan becomes a pikmin


Thats better...
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