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A pre-2010 look back at my gaming through the years.

I have been playing games my entire life -- even before I can remember, according to my parents, who claim that I would play their Atari 2600 at age 3.

2009 has been one of the most memorable years of gaming I've ever had, but making a statement like that makes me ponder just what kinds of years of gaming I've had.

Early in my life, my family was sort of poor so my access to gaming was rather limited. I grew up with a fair amount of consistent exposure to games but my life as a "hardcore gamer" didn't really take off until my family elevated its economic standing, which happened around the N64/PSone era.

Here's a brief look of some of the gaming memories I have been able to recollect during the few hours I took to compose this post:

'05: I graduate from high school, get ready to move onto college. I quit FFXI once and for all early on in the year. Xbox 360 launches like 6 months after it's announced at E3. "WTF, where did they come up with the name Xbox 360?" and I'm lucky enough to find one a week after it's launch, becoming an early adopter. On Christmas day, I get World of Warcraft -- Can you guess how that turns out? Mmm, Mario Kart DS. Oh yeah, that Far Cry: Instincts game on Xbox is pretty good.

'06: I use the vast majority of my free time to play WoW. DS Lite and New Super Mario Bros, both of which I grab as soon as they are available. Dead Rising comes out. Twilight Princess finally debuts after what feels like forever. Wii and PS3 launch -- "WHOAMG MOTION CONTROL!" "$599 US DOLLARS!?" Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter! Gears of War! Rainbow Six Vegas! I did not get a PS3, but I did get a Wii (again, by pure stroke of luck) about a week after they launched. Remember when people started declaring that "next-gen" had officially started at this point? Seemed to be the game review catchphrase of the year. Final Fantasy XII (it's been that long already!?)

'07: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Call of Duty 4. Halo 3. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. BioShock. Assassin's Creed. Orange Box. Rock Band. Mass Effect. '07 is still fresh in everyone's memory; probably doesn't need any strong elaboration.

'08: Gears of War 2. Left4Dead. Fable II. Rock Band 2. Fallout 3. GTA IV. MGS4. Dead Space. Mirror's Edge. Like '07, very vivid. I pretty much quit WoW.

'09: Sequel year to '07... Sort of. Some sequels pushed back to 2010. But, Modern Warfare 2, ODST, Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed II all still '09. GTA IV episodes. Borderlands. Forza 3. Left 4 Dead 2. Batman: Arkham Asylum. Shadow Complex. Resident Evil 5. And then some! I attended 4 midnight launches in the latter half of the year, 3 of which were fun due to strong gaming community elements. Flippin' great year!
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