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Love/Hate: The Gaming Community

I have many friends that are gamers. We talk about games, game news, reviews all the time. We have opinions about things that don't always mesh, but that's okay. We all can make valid points without resorting to demagogue. The online gaming community is a great way to share opinions and discuss things relating to videogames. There are more way to do this than ever before thanks to network integration (Xbox LIVE, PSN, Steam etc.) And it provides a more unified community for gamers all around the world to share each others favorite games. But as much great things the gaming community has to offer, that are just as many problems with it. There are instances where I didn't play online for months because I got fed up with all the little jackasses that not only ruined the fun for me, but bring the community down as a whole.

I could go on for days about "trolls" and "fanboys" and how they're are the reason we can't have nice things. But I'll try to clean it up into nice size paragraphs for you all. First I'd like to call out the internet trolls. Let me go and say, for the record, that opinions are merely opinions. Nothing more, nothing less. And your opinion on something is just a valid as mine (unless it's stupid). But so many people on the internet can't or won't leave it at that.

There are two types of internet trolls, bitching trolls and ironic trolls. Bitching trolls are the ones that shit on everything an article says. "Our choice for Game of the Year is . . ." and the bitching troll will either say "you guys suck" or scream "bias". We've all seen them.

But the other types of troll, the ironic troll, is just as obnoxious. These are the ones that blurt "BIAS" at someone who is obviously being sarcastic, like Jim Sterling. These troll are just as bad in my opinion because no matter what you write or what anyone says, they'll always post some snide, ironic comment. They do on all (not most. ALL) of Jim's articles about fanboyism and opinions, and how Left 4 Dead 2 isn't an expansion. I realize that everyone like to have a little bit fun through the anonymous wall of the internet, but do you really have to post stupid ironic BIAS'es on every article on Destructoid? or Gamespot, or IGN or anything else, it's not contributing to anything and in acting like a troll, you have become a troll.
Above: I'm RAGEing over your words ironically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay the other type of gamer that brings everyone else down a notch is the fanboy. I'm not going to go into all the reasons why fanboys are idiots. And again, they're merely expressing their opinion on something. Albeit passionately (read: asshole like). But there is one instance that I'd like to go into where this really got out of hand. Earlier this year, there was a big inFAMOUS vs. [PROTOTYPE] debate. Obviously the Sony Fanboys all hailed Infamous as the superior game while shitting all over Prototype. While the Xbox fanboys claim Prototype the better game and shit all over Infamous.

The number one reason made this whole thing stupid was one of the games (Prototype) is multiplatform, but the fanboys chose Prototype to "represent" the 360. But what got to me was that they either had to pick one or the other, fanboys simply can't like both games. I played both of these games recently and I liked them both. I somewhat favor Prototype, but i'd say, if you have a 360, play Prototype. If you have a PS3 play both. They're both good games. But there this mentality that If you like one, you have to hate the other.
Above: You're either with us 100% or you're with enemy.

There is a similar is somewhat smaller one over Forza Motorsport vs. Gran Turismo. But I say if you like cars, get one or the other or both. It's okay to like them both. But I'll wait till next year when that really blows up.

I've complained about the community before, but it's not all bad. I have fun when I play L4D2 during FNF, and I've met some cool people through these channels, but for every fun vs. game I've played I've played just as many bad one that make me want to hang up my controller completely, it's actually the reason I haven't posted a blog in so long. I just get so irritated by the assholes online that I just don't want to deal with it anymore. But but like with all love/hate relationships, I keep coming back hoping it'll get better.
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