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Quick, get in the Dildo Tank


Have you ever fantasized about a really tall woman? Like, a gigantic woman? A woman who's taller than the Empire State building? I'm sure every male has thought about this at least one time in there life. Of course, an important question comes up. How an Earth can a man your size pleasure a woman who's 20 times your size? Well, the answer is quite simple actually. With a Dildo Tank.

Dildo Tank is a collaboration between Jazzuo and Amon26(some of you might remember him from Au Sable), and what it offers is a b-game with surprisingly tight gameplay, which isn't all that uncommon when it comes to Jazzuo, who's a master when it comes to the genre.

Basically, all your doing is firing dildos from your tank up at the giant women so they will stop destroying your city. As the stages progress, the women will need to take in more dildos to be satisfied. Certain obstacles will present themselves too, like spike traps and wall blockades. This game is nothing more than a fun time waste, or a way to gross out your friends. A censored version is also on offer in the .exe which will blur out the vaginas for those pure souls who would rather not see a dildo penetrate an ms paint-style drawing of a woman's genitals.

Download Dildo Tank
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