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If Microsoft doesn't fix that 1s lag, Natal will fail.

While all the console companies are to busy copy/pastaing the hell out of each other, it seems that if they can't make their product better than their competitor, their product will inevitability fail.

While Sony is borrowing (direct stealing) the Wii mote and making it the ultimate glowing dildo of fun (for all you guy gamers will enjoy playing with your girlfriends so they dont go crazy/breaking your console) but even as weird as it will be to having a glowing ball, it is accurate and responsive. According to ninja shadow sources (gizmodo) they have this to say:

The sampling of the motion is 1 to 1, extremely accurate and smooth, very tight, and moving at 60 frames per second. Like the Wiimote, the new controller is a stick. However, instead of using gyroscopes and electronics, the PlayStation Motion Control is much simpler and elegant—and apparently way more effective than Wii Motion Plus. It uses a technique similar to Hollywood-style motion capture, with the PS Eye camera tracking a purple ball on the stick. There can be two sticks, which also have a trigger for first person shooters. The actual effect on screen is amazing, and it seems to kill the Wii Plus.

So it seems that is screams success and pron success...

While Nintendo is not really copying anyone except them self, they have finally perfected their product since the early days of the failed Power Glove and U-Force. So with the Wii motion+ they continue the world wide globe dominance.

As we all know is Microsoft copying the PS Eyetoy with Project Natal to do hands free gaming and take it to the next level. But only one problem, There seems to be a 1 second lag from the data capture since it is using 2 cameras instead of one. And the solution to this is heavy duty programmers to reduce the lag capture data to as low as possible or a good quality (expensive) camera parts. Something that we all know by now Microsoft doesn't like to spend on good parts, they will nickel and dime on every corner possible.

Jon Burton, director of Traveller's Tales (makers of all those LEGO titles), has confirmed that:

"Lag on the input and lack of physical buttons is really going to restrict the kind of games that can be done [for Project Natal]." but he believes that at this stage, not having used Sony's controller yet, he does think that Sony will succeed where Microsoft fails—aiming in an FPS will probably work better on the motion-controlled PS3 than it will a 360 with Natal. But I still think Natal has a lot of promise beyond motion control alone, namely that you could use a standard 360 controller AND Natal to have a camera track your head while an analog stick aims the gun. Burton's comment is just more confirmation that Sony is making the ultimate Wiimote and Microsoft, for better or worse, is banking on the ultimate EyeToy.

So the ball is in Microsoft court, they have allot of potential with Natal but they will need to fix this issue before release because if they don't, people will complain and just go back to the Wii or the glowing dildo.
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