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It's all in the chin: Final Fantasy Hero Consistency


Yeah, this has probably been done before.

Seems that just as the military prefers officers with big chins, Square prefers protagonists with small chins and some largely consistent other features. Like the nose. And the cheeks. And maybe even the eyes.

The observation is old hat and cliched, but it's gotten a little more absurd now that the face model was copy/pasted for Lightning, FFXIII's female protagonist. Kind of solidifies the androgyny that runs perpendicular to the American "Gears of War huge bodies holy shit tough guy" protagonists.

Is this deliberate? Is it some kind of artistic obsession with that face, or is it a clever company providing consumers with an element of familiarity that makes them feel comfortable with playing as that character? "Oh hey, I know that chin, that chin never let me down when I was low on HP."

I can't claim I have an answer. I love the FF games, but this is getting to be a bit much. Part of it is the apparent character fetishization. If you look at the promo art, it's all the characters. Not so much to do with settings, or themes, just "hot characters in J-Pop outfits. And there's a black guy!" Whoo hoo for diversity. Is he going to be as teenangstacized as the rest of the characters? Bring back Barrett and lets get our Mr. T on.

I fear XIII is going to be in love with itself, just as Metal Gear 4 was in love with itself. Things get big, inflate, and die. But the chins are still as small and effeminate as ever.
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