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Bayonetta: Too sexy for official release dates?

It was a Monday afternoon like any other. I was browsing through the Xbox 360 games of a local game shop. I skipped over it twice until I realized what I actually found. Now it is here, on my desk. What I'm talking about is a copy of Bayonetta.

In the lower left corner, the official seal of a game sold in Germany: The freaking huge age rating stamp.

Okay, okay, this story isn't all true. I did not visit this certain retailer just because I felt like it but rather because a German website and several forums informed me that Bayonetta is indeed available in Germany. Right now. About three weeks before the official release date. And though I already finished the whole game at an event held by Sega about a month ago, I just had to get it. It's a really awesome game.

Now I wonder why exactly these retailers already got copies of Bayonetta. Did Sega push the release date to mid December in order to get their holiday sales rolling? Probably not since even though the German branch of Amazon listed December 17th as the new release date yesterday, it has already been reverted to January 8th. And even Sega's very own website says January 8th.

Anyway, I'm not complaining but rather enjoying the game. Well, at least after my brother finished it since I don't want to spoil anything for him.
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