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MW2 - 402 gets called out by IW forum mods


There's a lot to read here, but fear not the WALL OF TEXT!!!

Originally Posted by Fourzerotwo

Nothing goes unnoticed. Even if we can't reply to everything, I and many of the team at Infinity Ward, do read everything. Including these forums.

However, Twitter has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways to get information quickly from users, find out a problems instantly, and spread information the fastest to not only our community as a whole (even if I post on Twitter, it spreads here quickly) but to news outlets so they can let even more players know (who don't check official forums).

This thread is a great example of why Twitter is an effective medium. 90% of the posts in this thread have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Meaning someone who wanted to converse or talk about this issue, would have to filter through all the off topic posts. On Twitter, you get just the information you want, straight from the source, without the need to filter anything.

So, while you may not be a fan of Twitter. It has proved essential in helping us stay on top of important issues and communicate out to our audience. Information posted on Twitter spreads faster and to more users than forum posts ever have. It's a great communication medium. In addition, it's the fastest way to get updates out even when traveling or out of the studio thanks to it's mobile applications.


Originally Posted by community mod

Twitter being an effective means to communicate is not in question here though as we all know and understand that it is. But how does that justify essentially completely ignoring Infinity Ward's very own forums completely, both in any type of support for it or in just acknowledging issues, problems, concerns on the official website for IW and MW2?

It seems people are told to come this website and by virtue these forums as well as assuming that this is the site to come to for very obvious reasons (and more than reasonable for them to do so), and thus come here for support instead of following the instructions on the back of the instruction booklet. And when they do come here and find no area for information, updates, etc such as a simple intel feed, page, or other and then decide to come to these forums to try to find an answer, or to simply ask their question they are immediately exposed to disgusting images, users, replies, posts, threads, etc, not to mention a forum that is lacking the most basic of things like working BBC code or even just being able to log in. I mean, how could a company let their OWN forums become so horrible? Especially with the resources available to them, not to mention the people willing and able to do the work for FREE sitting in place asking for that support...for the lest several months?! I honestly don't know how you or IW are not embarrassed in regards to these forums.

We aren't asking for much at all, only for you, or whatever web team, to do what we reasonably assume is a part of their jobs in regards to the support for these forums. In terms of information and such, it's still not much at all. Simply that you acknowledge problems, issues, concerns like you did here on a regular basis. Members responded very positively to see some activity from yourself because that's all we asked for and continue to do so in terms of acknowledgment. We don't want time commitments for extended conversations and such. We want a simple acknowledgment as you did here as well as in another thread. It does not require much more time than it takes you to post on twitter, especially considering that you say you DO read the forums and what is being discussed on here. As stated in another thread concerning this idea, you can make a thread about a particular issue and just lock it, or do any other method of your choosing just so that members on these forums do not feel completely ignored as they have felt for months now.

The moderator team would also very much appreciate some sort of response to the multitude of concerns and issues we've brought up beyond the usual "the web team is on it" since that obviously has not gotten us anywhere or remotely addressed the issues we brought up.

This forum could be a GREAT place for people to come to to discuss MW2 and Infinity Ward as well as provide a much better line of communication between them and yourself/IW than twitter due to there being no 140 character limit here. This would very much allow people to better express themselves, explain themselves, etc leading to better communication of their ideas, opinions, & concerns as well as being able to get feedback to them from IW and other users in the same manner without having to sift through countless tweets as well as organizing the conversations in one thread easily accessed by all. But, it is about as far away from that as it can be right now much to the dismay of users.

Having said all of this, it is great to see some activity out of yourself on here and hopefully we can look forward to much more, as well as the site and forums hopefully receiving some much needed support. Thank you for posting your acknowledgment of this situation and taking part in the forums once again.


Originally Posted by another mod

Rob why do you choose to comment on this when Cokra has come out and laid out essentially what we and the forums feel?


Originally Posted by Cokra

Are you freaking kidding me Rob?! You completely ignore almost EVERYTHING I talked about, discussed, or mentioned and instead decided to quote someone else to avoid all of those question/concerns. And when you did address myself in your reply you only replied to one singular thing and ignored everything else. Not to mention that is not, by a long shot, the only issue or concern we have brought to you, Infinity Ward, and now Activision. Why were half of our abilities and powers taken away with no explanation? Then ignored us consistently when we inquired about them.

Also, we are tired of these complete rehash statements about the web team and most of all these sympathy statements you are trying to use to exempt yourself from actually doing anything or responding in a decent fashion. When will you ACTUALLY respond to us? When will you ACTUALLY give us the explanation we deserve? I mean hell, we've worked for you for absolutley nothing, dedicated many many hours of our time to keeping these forums in some semblance of order. We have given much more than asked of us, and not for you or IW by a long shot, but for the community, and you don't even have the decency to acknowledge us for MONTHS and then when you weakly do you ignore almost every issue, pawn off the same mediocre response, try to play funny, and then try to play the sympathy card again.

This isn't the beginning and it's far from the end. It's the middle. It started with Sparky, with [email protected], and this had been going on for months before we ever came along. Those two held the forums down for a very long time while the game was actually being developed. They had the powers to do what was necessary and they, too, had their powers taken away with no explanation. They also had zero communication such as we have had. This is far removed from the time for trial and error, waaay beyond that. The forums are a complete disaster, and for what reason? What reason at all?! Because you don't trust us? Haven't we earned that trust by our actions as moderators, by sticking around ALL of this time despite the complete lack of support, and by dedicating a substantial amount of time here to "hold down the fort" while you are away? All while having absolutley no expectations of being rewarded or reimbursed?

Please, give us the answers, explanations, and the damn common courtesy we deserve and have more than earned.


Originally Posted by Cokra

It would, but we've tried way more than numerous times to do so privately through every line of private and public communication we could think of. This is actually what it has boiled down to seems to be the only way we might possibly get the response we need and deserve out of him.


And... fourzerotwo's response:

Originally Posted by fourzerotwo

We completely appreciate all the time you've put into helping clean up the forums for the community, but you sound like you need a MUCH needed vacation from the duty. You sound like you're about to have a heart attack, and I can promise you that NOTHING online is worth getting that worked up over.

The Community Moderator position was designed to be volunteer work to help address spam as they could. It is not meant to consume your life. It's a hard, thankless, and daunting thing to take on, but you really shouldn't let it get to you like this.

As far as site issues, there is nothing further to comment other than the web team is aware of the issues and are looking into it. I'm sorry if that response doesn't meet your standards but there is nothing additional to add at this time.

To Foxhound as well, there are no additional moderation powers to give. As I stated above, the Community Moderator role is a limited one and we won't be giving any more access to user profiles than is currently available. The role of a community moderator is purely to delete spam as they see fit, lock threads, and help point people in the right direction with questions / looking for answers. All of which can be done with current powers.

That said, none of this is really relevant to the topic at hand and has no place in the public forum.



Naturally this has now been deleted from IW forums, the mods have been removed and 402 has walked away from it.

We should all un-subscribe from his twitter account and drop this idiot, he doesn't deserve his roll in the industry. There are many that would do it better, for less and appreciate the privileged position a lot more than this guy. His response just reeks of patronisation, self importance and arrogance.

He is a much use to the community as tits on a fish.
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