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Limits of Rejection and Receptiveness as Observed in Autonomous Behaviour

Folks, we have a bit of a problem. You, as a seasoned reader and contributer, have come to expect excellence from a certain cast within your own circle.

I, on the other hand, am the unknown variable-- I could be anything from a waste of time to a decent read to someone who needlessly references Genshiken and isn't great at creating metaphors.

Put simply, you don't want to waste time on an unknown source of dubitable quality and I am lazy. Somewhere, I hope we can find a compromise.

I can't presuppose the amount of mileage you'll get out of this blog. What I can assure is that you will get to know a little extra about a face you'll see much more of in the future. Here's me delineated into 5 easily digested chunks of information-food or bio-matter.

As far back as I can clearly recall, a controller has been in my hands fiercely tapping away. I was about four when I first started, and got an NES of my own at five. One of my fondest memories memories is beating all of Contra co-op with my cousin who was only about six at the time. It's almost embarrassing to think at more the three times that age (18 now), I still can't beat the game without him. My cousin was a gaming prodigy and it's largely due to him that I chose to stop being a passive spectator and become an active player.

As I mentioned before, it was around '95-96 when my uncle gave me his NES after he upgraded to the SNES. Over a year later, he gave me that too. :P Things get a little cumbersome to put into words, so the timeline sort of looks like this:

96: NES -> SNES -> N64 -> GBC -> DC -> -> GBA -> GC -> Xbox -> DS -> 360 -> DSL -> New DSL :09

*I've been through three DSes
**Never had a Sony console, which I'm now desperately trying to fix

Taking a break from games for a sec, there's more me than my hobby. I'm a freshman college student going for a degree in Computer Science. (A shocker, I know.) I don't get to actually play as often because of my schedule and work and the studying that I'm supposed to be doing but that can wait because I just gotta get to level 30 and then I swear I'll stay up late to prepare for the exam. I never do. It could also be that I'm utterly terrible at things like time management and making good decisions.

I have a few other hobbies/areas of specialty too. Among which are using Photoshop (I briefly toyed with the idea of attending a school for graphic design) and and doing magic aka illusionism. I used to be a big fan of Criss Angel until I realized that he was... kind of a jerk. Say what you will about David Blaine, at least he doesn't go starting fights on live TV for silly reasons.

I'll take Penn and Teller over either any day.

Favorite genre of music is hip hop, just so you know. MF DOOM and Lupe Fiasco <3

I've been on the outside looking in at the wonderful Dtoid for for quite some time. I first started reading Destructoid last year when I was a first-semestrer senior. It was in my Computer Applications class which I ended up failing because of it. But hey, give me 3 months of Jim Sterling material over practical knowledge of Excel and Word any day of the week.

The site slowly started encroaching on my free time and I found myself bookmarking almost everything and watching animu with Genki. It was only a matter of time before an account was made. It's like when your girlfriend has been living with you for a number of years and you decide to get hitched just to make it official. Basically, I married Mr. Destructoid in a civil union.

Take a guess. Just one.

I love arcade games both 2D and 3D, but most of all those of the lightgun variety. There's nothing like slipping a dollar in the Area 51 machine and dual-wielding all the way to Stage 4. Besides that, I usually fall hard for games with lots of style and panache like No More Heroes and Persona 4; even though I've yet to touch those two. It's obvious why I like Joe so much now.

Specific instances: All of the main series in Pokemon, Zelda (WW & ALTTP), Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, RE4, Jet Set Radio/Future, Castlevania, Sin and Punishment, Rhythm Tengoku, Knights in The Nightmare, Ouendan/EBA, Custom Robo Arena, Phantasy Star 0, Goemon, Bangai-O/Spirits, Boktai 2

As I somewhat touched on before, I mainly play my DS Lite ever since my 360 died a few years ago. It's without a doubt in my top 2 favorite consoles , rivaled only by the Dreamcast. (I'd also add that I got one when they originally came out was in the camp of it being "one of the greatest ever" long before I set foot on the internet, but that would be more cocky than I want to sound.) It was largely due to all the Dtoid festivities on 9.9.9 that I breathed life into the white-grey box and picked it up again. Now I mostly play Ikaruga, Project Justice, Rez, and Super Magnetic Neo. Topher is my kinda guy.

Intro done. I'm gonna head off now and try to fit in!
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