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Destructoid: One of My Favorite Places

[Warning, wall of text] Few pictures will appear.

Lately, I had been feeling that I was just "another user" on Destructoid. "Lost in the crowd" if you will. I probably still am. But damn it...tonight...I had fun.

(Thirsty, but having fun)

I haven't been a long-time member of Destructoid. I would come here for my news because I really liked the writing, the header images were funny, and the community seemed good. I decided to become a member and shortly after, made stupid mistakes (posted a very short, against the "code" c-blog and something else I think). Regardless, I wasn't too thrilled with how things were going and retreated to just watching, but posting occasionally. Podtoid and Retroforce go, however, have kept me endlessly entertained, and for members of each, I thank you. Also, bless you for Samit for putting up with that shit. Don't forget the Bill Murray tattoo as well.

Tonight must have been my night. With the VGA's on, an announcement went up to join the Steam chat. I had been on several times prior and seemed to get along with the other people that frequented there. I also had been meeting some fellow gamers through the forums for some multi-player gaming. I signed on and greeted everyone. As the night went on, we all had a blast ripping on the VGA's, taking bets on who would win, and commenting on future games. I even, by chance, got our very own Jim Sterling to give some of his views in the chat. That was quite pleasant, and thanks again to him for stopping in for the short time. As the night wore one, we had some great ideas come along (I totally get money if Rick Astley: Rock Band ends up coming out). I really felt as a part of the community. Then we decided to game, and I think found my calling. (By the way, check out Doomsday Forte's blog for the chat log of the Steamtoid room)

We had some intense games of Versus going on. Lots of fun for everyone, and it was great meeting up with other Destructoid members (or as Samit would call us, mongoloids...or Italians). Then someone got the idea for Left 4 Friendz. This is when the fun began. We got some friends together and had a "boom" playing. We got Jim in again too, and that was very fun. I don't know if he was talkative, as I wasn't on his team (although I think he did talk like Cowboy probably would). He had to go later on, which was cool. It was good for others because it gave them a chance to hop into the hot server of the night, apparently. Soon we were off again, making plans to bring the boomer to safety, all while the familiar steps of "whup whup whup" were trailing behind. A sight to behold is 4 people firing upon zombies in the front with a boomer to their backs and punching common infected.

(And now...)

Now that the night is done and I look back, I can safely say that this was a Saturday well spent. I'm going to, hopefully, start making plans to go to the next PAX that everyone (aka, the most people) will go to. I hope to meet everyone I can, editors and everyone else. Maybe even more-so everyone else because the editors seem to be very busy.

It feels great to be a part of a community like this. Sure, I could have gone to the Steam forums, or anywhere else and found a community to be a part of. But I know as soon as I would play, they would call me a n00b because I don't know how to do their stupid shit. Here, it was very casual, great, and most of all...FUN. That's something a lot of people forget, it seems. It was fun. It was also great being somewhere I fit in. As you can see in the first picture, I go to Texas A&M. While we like to say we have "diversity", it isn't as common as they would like it. Being a bit shy as I am, it is tough to find other gamers that share similar tastes, or even gamers for that matter. Especially with Steam. So this has been a great opportunity for me to meet new people, and hopefully, make some really good friends. I would love to meet everyone at some point and be friends. Not just "facebook-lol-you-add-to-my-friend-count-and-I-can-spam-you-lololololol" friends. But people I'll actually give a damn about wishing happy birthday and such too. Maybe I'm just blissful from a goodnight and ignorant to the fact that maybe we aren't all friends or whatever. As long as this feeling lasts, I'm sticking with the above.

Thank you Destructoid for giving me a damn good reason to get online to play games and have fun again. I hope to meet and friend everyone soon!

*end sentimental blog*

Now, back to rocking. Thanks for reading.

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