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Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya releases a new game, Akantares


Okay, so... Daisuke Amaya, aka Pixel, aka my personal Jesus, recently released a new game. You might know him as the creator of indie gaming's own little darling, Cave Story, which is enough cause to celebrate whenever this man creates something new. The last time he released a new game was back in 2007, with the monochromatic, retro shooter known as Guxt. His new release goes a bit in a different direction though.

Akantares is a short shooting game where you basically launch a small projectile into an enemy planet. Orbit takes a part in the game, so you have to aim your projectile perfectly so it can reach it's destination. A small, separate slider assists the game screen which you use to determine your projectiles jumping off point. Neutral planets also litter the playing field, which will have a gravitational effect on your trajectory, causing it to go off it's intended course. Destroy the enemy planet 5 times and you win! Honestly, it's not much. If anything, it just seems like something Pixel whipped up out of boredom. It's also kind of cool to note that Pixel used his own PXtone program to make the sound effects for Akantares. PXtone is a small program he released last year that can be used to create different sounds for your games. Extremely useful for the budding indie developer!

While this new release might not be much, it makes me happy to see that Pixel is still out there doing his thing. Even though I would love to see him tackle another project that's the same size as Cave Story was, for now these small games of his are enough to tide me over... at least until the Cave Story WiiWare remake is released.

Download Akantares
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