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I've found it. I've found the worst game ever made. And it's not even out yet.


I believe this is a sign of the apocolypse.

Who the fuck would ever in a million billion years buy this piece of shit? even if it's the most exciting game about scooping ice cream ever made it's still the worst idea for a game ever made.

I mean what the fuck.

"Hey guys, want to come over to my house, get high, and pretend to scoop ice cream into a bowl on TV? Then afterwards we can wish we had real ice cream and beat ourselves even more retarded with 2x4s."

I never had much love for the wii, but seriously, the system is such a fucking joke at this point that there are games that are literally nothing more than paid advertising for specific brands. As in, YOU HAVE TO PAY TO BE ADVERTISED TO. Shit makes me ill.

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