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D.A.F.T - Dtoid'ers Against Flaming & Trolls


D.A.F.T - Dtoid'ers Against Flaming & Trolls

With an ounce of seriousness, a dash of sarcasm, and a pound of tounge and cheek we address thee dear Dtoid Community Members.

It's no secret that of late there has been a large influx of Trolls and Flaming on the Dtoid pages; main and community alike. So in an effort to subdue the incoming hordes, we here at D.A.F.T. are taking preemptive measures by educating and arming the community against such attacks. Knowledge is power, and before you can change the problem you must be educated on what the problem is. So let’s talk about these two groups of riffraff in question.

The first group we want to learn you on are those we here at D.A.F.T. call FLAMERS. No not the derogatory term used for homosexuals. FLAMERS are people who are carrying out the FLAMING. Let’s get a clearer picture of what exactly flaming is. Wisegeek.com defines ‘flaming’ as,

“The often deliberate act of posting or writing messages on Internet bulletin boards and message groups that have the intent of insulting or creating dissent within a group. An Internet flame is often filled with coarse language and personal insults. It is meant to hurt people’s feelings, get them fired up, and not to further conversation on a personal issue. It is never conversational, but it may be meant to upset an entire group, provoking conversation about someone’s flame or on the practice of flaming in general.”

“Sometimes people are provoked into flaming by the content of someone else’s discussion. For example a moms' Internet group could get fired up by someone’s comments on spanking. Instead of offering support to each other, discussions and flames can erupt around this controversial issue. Often these issues cool down after a week or two of flaming posts or emails, but they may get brought up again and again, especially as new people join the group and old people exit it.”

For more info on the 12 Flaming Commandments CLICK HERE

Next we will get a clearer look at what exactly a TROLL is, by defining what it means to be a TROLL. For the sake of time we will again use Wisegeek.com’s definitions.

“Norse mythology tells of a race of beings that were somewhat magical, frightening and troublesome. Trolls of legend take many forms, residing in the forests, seas, and mountains. One commonality is that they were typically comely with long hairy arms and exaggerated facial features, part beast, part human. These unattractive attributes might explain why Internauts adopted the term troll to refer to troublemakers. Today’s troll is someone who disrupts an online arena, such as a USENET newsgroup, chat room, or Web forum.”

"Racial slurs, unprovoked personal attacks, and repeated badgering are just a few tools of the trade for an online troll. A troll will commonly post to a group for the sole purpose of blasting the subject matter and demeaning members for their interest in it. A troll will try to start flame wars and thrives on getting deriding replies in return. Soon members will be telling the troll to buzz off, or worse, arguing with him or her, all of which only worsens the situation."

"Seasoned Internauts will often post the golden rule when trouble arises: Don’t feed the troll! This simply means, don’t post to a troll. The troll wants attention, and if none is given, he or she will eventually move on. This advice is good, but not everyone learns of it at once, and a handful of people will commonly respond to a troll, while a few more will tell them not to respond, and soon members are fighting among themselves over how to handle the troll."

With wisdom in our minds and passion in our hearts we now want to give you some ammo on how to deal with a troll.

Method #1 – IGNORE the troll. This is the most widely used method and probably the most effective.

Method #2 – Just leave the forum.But if you do, make sure not to announce it, or the little troll will become satisfied that they won.

Method #3 - Compliment the troll. Or in other words kill them with kindness. Say things like,
“Hey (insert troll’s name here) you seem cool, do you want to go hold hands in the park?”

Method #4 – Distract the troll. Say things like,
“Hey (troll name) what’s your favorite movie/color/spice girl?”

Method #5 – Confuse the troll.
a.) Respond with something that has nothing to do with the topic at all. For example if you are talking about a certain video game, respond to the trolls comments with something about Baroque Chamber music, or Daffodils.
b.) Ask them a question that cannot be answered, my favorite is, “On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your favorite pasta?” Or “What the sound of one hair growing?”.
c.) Use really lofty words that force the troll to copy and paste the word into google to look up, and thus making him have to actually work and think in order to respond.

Method #6 – Post an image. This is WHERE YOU COME IN! We here at D.A.F.T. want this thread to be the weapons cache if you will. We will post a few images here on the thread to get it started, but we want you to place many here as well so when another Dtoid member comes across a troll they can quickly find the appropriate image for the occasion and repost it.

We can do this Dtoid, together we can drive back this present blight.

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