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15 Artists Rock Band Needs MORE Of (Part 2)

So...not many people noticed part one. That's fine, not to mention understandable. The meme that was born Sunday seemed to just devour everything else anywho. Plus, Rock Band's not the most enthralling subject for some people. Either way, I don't like leaving things unfinished so dammit, I'm finishing this! So, without further ado...

10: Iggy Pop

Already Featured With: The Passenger in Lego Rock Band

Why We Need To See More Of Him: Come on, you think I'd drop Bowie onto this list without giving a nod to Iggy? They're easily my two favorite "classic" musicians of all time, with the slight nod going to Iggy. He's the "Godfather Of Punk" for a reason- he had it all. The swagger. The alarming, sometimes self-damaging stage presence. The raw energy that could only be birthed from the punk genre. And we need more of that in Rock Band. A LOT more.

Song I'd Recommend: I Got A Right

Both The Stooges and punk rock at it's best. This brings all of the Iggy bravado- raucous energy, a memorable guitar riff, and a whole lot of fun. Maybe we could hope for a Bowie/Iggy combo pack soon?

Also Good Choices: Search And Destroy, Raw Power, I Wanna Be Your Dog

Aaaaaand that's all for this round. So sound off! Tell me what ya think, who I missed, who I'm an idiot for including. Go on people, the comments are there for a reason. 'Til next time!
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