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I'm going away for a while, so I gots some things to say.

Hey all,
Puppy Licks here.

As some (or bugger all) of you may know, I am about to begin a 9 month long trip around the world in which I will be visiting places such as Hong Kong, Europe and the U.S. While this will be an awesome adventure that I am greatly looking forward to, it means that I will not be near a computer very often and active on Dtoid even less.

Where in the world is PuppyLicks?

Since I stopped working two weeks ago I am no longer in front of a PC for eight hours a day, so my comment regularity has dropped significantly, and once I leave the country, my commenting may cease altogether. I will try to pop on now and again, and myself, DanMazkin and MrDillinger hope to keep the Refused Classification style Aussie madness alive on Dtoid somehow. But in the meantime, all I can say is that you'll all be hearing a lot less from me for quite a while.

I plan to make it to LA in time for E3 though, so I wanna see you guys at whatever party Dtoid are throwing at that time, got that? :D

Now, with that out of the way I have a few things to say before I officially begin my self-imposed hiatus.
[i](These messages are in no particular order)[i]


To everyone who listened to our Refused Classification podcast.
Thanks for listening and for all the comments and shoutouts, without you guys we probably would have stopped the podcast long ago.

To the RFGO crew.
Thanks for the awesome podcast. Now come back already!

To Podtoid
I miss your movie commentaries already.

To Podcastle
Rest In Peace guys :(
Little acorn winkie.

To Failcast
Thanks for the laughs, and for the record, I came to Dtoid through GameTrailers.

To Drunkcast
I hope you are drunk when you read this, we gotta have a beer (or 12) sometime.

To Jim Sterling
You're a funny cunt, you know that? Keep it up, son.

To Topher
Thanks for the Pancakes, and for making me wanna take on Ikaruga.

To Samit
I play sports games sometimes, and I do not hate them. Also happy birthday mate.

To Chad Concelmo
I have a fever, and the only cure is more amazing.

To Niero
Yeah, I guess this site is okay ;) Thanks for putting it all together.

To AliD
If you're ever in Melbourne we gotta catch up for a beer, take it easy mate.

To TheCleaningGuy
You can stop asking questions now, you bastard :)

To Nebones
Beers son, we gotta have beers.

To Necros
Cheers to the best afro on Dtoid.

To Atlas
Are you really Fontaine?

To CountingConflict
Djent will never die. *Fist Bump*

To Coonskin
I like your hat.

To Rab
My Fuerte still has bruises. One day mate. One day....

To MrDillinger
One day, I will fuck you with a rake.

To DanMazkin
Catch brah.

To Mr Destructoid
I'm coming for your helmet.

Shit I can't think of anything else to say right now, sorry if I left you out, so I'll just say this.
Thanks all Dtoid staff, contributors and community members. The Podcasts, the features, the Cblogs, the forums, the IRC (even though I'm never on) and even the Trolls. Thanks for brightening up my working days and for reminding me why I love videogames so much, and why I love this community so much.

If I see any of you during my travels I will have a beer with ya, or at least talk some shit about vidya games for a bit. Otherwise I will see you all here in 9 months!

Happy Trails, motherfuckers! I'll miss you all.

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