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A Game Overlooked: Beacon

Beacon is a free game from a guy named Chevy Ray. I stumbled on to this one during a search of some freeware games, and it caught my eye. So, after playing through the game, I figured it was worth a review.

Developer: Chevy Ray
Publisher: Chevy Ray
Genre: Platformer
Year: 2009

The game puts you in the shoes of a randome, unknown boy who has fallen into a deep, dark cave. You are quickly saved form the creatures that lurk in the shadows by a small, beacon of light. This beacon is your "hope", and you must follow it to the end of the cave, or else.

The only way to progress is by using the light provided by the beacon.

Controls are pretty simple: You use the arrow buttons to move, and the shift, control, or A key to jump. You must follow the beacon through each room, or your character will be swallowed up by the shadows. Sometimes, the beacon will take a branching path, and you will need to use the light generated by crystals in order to progress. The only other hazards you face are spikes and pits.

In terms of length, the game can be completed in one sitting. The game doesn't have a whole lot of rooms to go through, and there aren't really any secrets or unlockables to uncover (though, he does promise to add in a higher difficulty for subsequent playthroughs). Fortunately, the game manages to provide a good challenge to make up for it. The rooms start off simple, but get progressively harder as the go on. Some may be frustratingly difficult, but the rooms are not so big that it will be a problem.

Despite the simplicity of the graphics, the game manages to look really good.

The game looks pretty polished, in terms of graphics. While simplistic, the graphics look pretty detailed, and the animations are smooth. The character and creatures move fluidly, and the cave has some sparse signs of actual life.

There is no soundtrack to speak of. Instead, you will hear the sound of wind going through the cave and the beacon's "buzzing" when it is close. While very minimal, the sounds really serve to set up the atmosphere of the game. It really serves to make you feel as if your character is truly in a dark, deep cave.'

Overall, the game is a great, but short experience. The game is a fresh experience, and the ending is really worth the small amount of time it takes to beat the game. If you're looking for a quick, fun platformer, then this is the game for you.

My Rating:

You can download the game here.
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