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End of a Decade, and Hopefully an End of an Era (kinda NVGR)

This is not meant to be inflammatory in any way, but rather incite discussion.

Iíve lived through both the nineties and the 2000s. Iíve seen the rise of CGI and 3D graphics for games. Iíve lived through the golden era of sci fi pc games and RPGs (Planescape: Torment, Deus Ex System Shock 2, bioshock, Fallout 2 and 3).

Iíve also seen the rise in the mass use of the internet and the natural evolution of the system as both a information system and a pioneering form of non national communication networks and systems.

Games, Film, computers and the Internet mark the beginning of a new era of civilization; The gradual building progression to massive, techno-cultural event known to science fiction authors, futurists, scientists, engineers and computer technicians as the singularity. By the logic of this theory, there will be a point in upcoming history in which major technological advancement will continuously speed up until a crux point, the singularity is encounters, in which technological, cultural and artisinal advancements will begin to increase at an infinitely exponential rate until human civilization will be unrecognizable to us and our preconceived notions of it. I believe such an event will occur within the next 10-15 years with the development of a few primary technologies; quantum computing, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and conventional space-time movement subversion (CERN, Quantum tunneling and entanglement, instantaneous travel across the universe regardless of momentum and mass)

I theorize that there have been smaller singularities over human history, signifying points of rapid development in art, technology and culture. Such examples of smaller singular events are the renaissance, the massive technological growth of the Chinese empire before its rapid decline, and most recently, the rapid development of audio-visual and broadcast media in the early 20th century.

But as we make our final steps to the ultimate final singularity, which threatens or entreats the absolute reconstruction of human civilization and consciousness, a growing trend seems to have popped up since the new millennium. It disturbs me very much. And this growing trend is that people are fucking stupid! And theyíre growing stupider every day.

But such moronic behaviour has extended even further, leading to backlash before a film is even released. Such is the case with the upcoming film Avatar by James Cameron. Remarks that film looks like it will be shit and further general hatred make no sense. All right, while someone may not like something because they donít like the art style or they are not interested in the story is fine. But disdain as well as broad generalized remarks when they have no basis in reality and canít even be determined yet doesnít make any sense. People displaying hatred for a film which has done nothing wrong yet as it has not even been released is the most idiotic thing ever conceived by a human being. It is essentially the judgment of something, with no proper understanding of its quality. Itís thoughtless hatred by groups of nasty self-serving morons who would go personally out of their way to discredit something because they can latch their lamprey like suckers on any handle of the hate wagon they can reach with their sad, limited intellect.

This may seem like incessant ranting, but there is a specific point to my argument. Why is it that in the era of widespread knowledge and interactivity is people growing stupider, louder and less informed? The rise of fools across the world is a sad reminder that though many wonders await us in the future and the next decade, the world is filled with witless, low brow worms who slither in the dirt of their own ignorance, misery and hatred and do nothing to simply live and be happy for the sake of being happy. I wish the stupidity will end with the new decade and hopefully lead us to an age of intellect and honesty towards oneself and others in their. But I doubt that will happen any time soon.
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