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Edmund McMillen and Alec Holowka to team up for a new game?


First off, today I've received my copy of the Aquaria OST that I've ordered straight from Alec Holowka through his Infinite Ammo site. Even if you aren't a fan of the game, it had some truly wonderful original music(composed by Alec himself) that gave life to Naija's aquatic world. The OST is still up for sale over at the Infinite Ammo shop, and I implore you all to go grab a copy, for what you get it is truly a worthy purchase.

Now, on to what this post is really all about. The 2CD set came with a few extras; a signed poster, two seperate business cards, and a sandwich bag which, no lie, the CD came packaged in. But the most interesting extra that came with the package was a small card with a small drawing of a boy with a noose around his neck, the other end tied to an umbrella - drifting him through the skies, complete with the word "Oh My Word" scrawled in the background. On the back of this card is a short poem stating:

Now if that isn't a little teaser on a new upcoming game then I don't know what is. Both men are incredibly busy at the moment, with Alec and his Infinite Ammo crew hard at work on Marian, and Edmund with Team Meat toiling away at Super Meat Boy, it's nice that they can still find time to work on some outside projects. However Oh My Word will play is yet unknown, or even if that is the game's tentative title. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out!
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