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The Most Fun Clusterf*ck of the Year!

I will make a confession: I have never finished Super Mario Bros. 3. Yes, what many consider to be the greatest game of all time, I cannot vouch for. I blame World 8 for being, both literally and figuratively, hell. With that said, I ignore that black spot of my past and move on to greener pastures such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the successor to 2006�s New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. Both games return to the roots of the series in glorious 2D sidescrolling, platforming bliss. If you�ve played any of the classic Mario games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertinament System, you should feel right at home. For one thing, the story hasn�t changed: Princess Peach has been kidnapped and Mario must set out on a journey to rescue her� AGAIN!

Mario�s travels will take him across eight different worlds that consist of environmental archetypes such as grass, desert, ice, lava, etc. Each world includes several different levels as well as boss fortresses and castles. The game essentially combines elements from Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Super Mario World and Yoshi�s Island: Super Mario World 2. If you�ve played the DS version, then you�ll be aware that in addition to Mario�s traditional move set of running, jumping and stomping on Goombas, some of his actions from his 3D adventures make appearances as well. These �newer� moves include the triple jump, wall jump and butt-slam.

The music consists of synchronized melodies from various Mario games, including New Super Mario Bros. for the DS, Super Mario Bros. 3 and more. The enemies will also dance to certain parts of the overworld music, which also happened in the DS game. Other classic sound effects include the power-up/power-down noises, coin chimes and the voices of Mario, Luigi and the two toads.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the most fun gaming experience I�ve had all year. It contains a solid single player mode and enough challenge and nostalgia to please veterans of the series. The game also appeals to such a broad audience that even those who don�t play games that much will be able to enjoy it. If you don�t already own this game, get it! If you do, get it for someone who doesn�t!

Score: 5/5
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