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A Decade of Gaming

Destructoid's recent countdown of the top 50 games of this decade has done two things for me.
The first is make me feel old. Seriously, I can't believe it's been nearly ten years since we were freaking out about all of our computers dying in the Y2K apocalypse. So thanks for making me break out the anti-aging serum, Destructoid staff.

The second thing the countdown has done is make me reminisce about my favorite games of this decade. I'll post a few of my favorites, the memories I had about getting them and wasting too much time on them, and maybe make my own top 50 list of my favorite games this decade!*
Disclaimer: I'm not gonna do that last one. It's too early in the morning.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is definitely my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time. It's probably my favorite RPG of all time, and it might have saved my life at one point. Before this game came out, the only RPG I had played was Super Mario RPG...for about an hour. Being a young, ignorant child, I didn't respect the brilliance of that game and sold it, never playing it again for years. I'm getting off topic.

Final Fantasy IX was recommended to me by an extremely zealous and charismatic friend, who repeatedly called it the "freaking best game ever" and even let me borrow his copy so I could witness its greatness. We had fun at first naming the characters (I believe Garnet became "Sexy" and Steiner was named after one of our friends who looked exactly like him), but got drawn in by the story, beautiful visuals, and addictive combat system. I have vivid memories of calling my friend at night, venting about Ozma being impossible, yelling over some of the plot twists, and being genuinely freaked out by Kuja's psychopathy. To date, I've beaten Final Fantasy IX four times, then promptly lost interest in the RPG genre. But Final Fantasy IX was good times.

Ratchet and Clank series

Ratchet and Clank is platforming perfection. Tons of guns, addictive RPG elements, tight control, and a universe (well, a few universes) full of interesting characters. I own every game in this series regardless of my console limitations (yeah, I got the PSP titles despite not owning a PSP...go me :P) and have beaten them countless times. I actually got into this series in a strange order. Played the first game first, played Up Your Arsenal second, then Going Commando, then the rest in order. This game series sticks out in my mind when I get all nostalgic mostly because I spent so much freaking time with them. And Deadlocked broke my online gaming cherry, despite not being such a great online game in hindsight.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I was an enormous Zelda fanboy around the time this game came out, but I was also a poor child who couldn't afford the game that was released a few weeks after my birthday. So during one fateful Best Buy trip with Dad and Grandma, I used the hell out of my puppy dog eyes and was rewarded this gem of a game, golden holographic cartridge and all.
At the time, I feel like I was too young to truly appreciate Majora's Mask. Sure, I played it a lot and had a lot of fun, but I never recognized the symbolism. Like how Termina is a cursed world without any faith. (Good read there, if you're into overanalyzing adventure games.)

The finger means "Hey Goddesses...screw you!"

Majora's Mask is extremely dark in comparison to the other 3D Zelda adventures, sometimes depressingly so. But it's also a game that makes you care about every character in the doomed town, a game with sidequests that you actually want to complete because you want to help these people, and a game with some terribly disturbing transformation sequences. I love it to pieces.

Timesplitters 2

Timesplitters 2 was quickly welcomed by my circle of friends, who were raised on Goldeneye on the N64 (hell, some of us are still playing it). Timesplitters 2 felt like Goldeneye in many ways, but doused in an enormous vat of of Absurd Humor sauce. Where else can you see ten Gingerbread man have a revolver duel in the Wild West? Everywhere, if you take drugs! But also in Timesplitters 2!
So, my friends and I spent countless hours of our lives setting up Brick fights, cursing at each other for setting off the damn cameras in NeoTokyo, and trying to figure out why the computers got to do cartwheels and stuff and why we couldn't.

It is my firm belief that every first person shooter should have bricks as weapons.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is the game that got me into rhythm gaming. I didn't buy into the hype initially, but one day I had an extra $80 in my pocket, so I went to GameStop and bought the guitar+game bundle. It was all downhill from there. I pre-ordered Guitar Hero 2 and got it on the release date, bought the 360 version later for downloadable songs, and got into Rock Band and its huge library of downloadable songs.
I stopped following the Guitar Hero series rabidly after Guitar Hero 3, but Rock Band 2 is still a game I play on a daily basis. I upload songs to ScoreHero to measure my e-peen against other players, and I own around 400 Rock Band songs. Harmonix has had my wallet in a vice grip since 2006, and I've loved every minute of it. The Rock Band series has increased my appreciation for music's use in video games, introduced me to downloadable content, and actually expanded my tastes in music...which basically means that I like the Dixie Chicks now.

I have a few more games that I spent loads of time on this decade. Banjo-Tooie, which I got obsessed with on N64 and 360. Wind Waker, a game that still makes me smile when I pop it in the Wii. Peggle, which I'm playing at the time of writing this blog because it's more addictive than pure uncut cocaine. I'll keep it short though, since I have many more games to play before the decade ends.

And so ends my first blog post on Destructoid! So feel free to comment these games and your favorite games of the decade (maybe ones Destructoid left out on the countdown?), challenge me to some Rock Band 2 because you're way better than me (seriously, you probably are), or just send me some Cheetos. I could really go for some.
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