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New hats, Amigurumi and a holiday sale.

I like making hats, but sometimes all work and no play makes Danielle a dull girl. So when I wrapped up the Metroid hat and Alicia’s Scarf, I decided to take a break and try my hand at amigurumi. Here’s all my work for the last two months:

Here's my final version of the Metroid hat after the Hat Battle post:

I think it combines the best attributes of both the alpha and beta versions.

Next I took a stab at Alicia Melchiott's red head scarf:

That took an insanely long time to get right. It looks good on the glass head, but it'd look great on someone with long hair. Sometimes you just want to look pretty while baking and killing Imps :-3.

Next up, Amigurumi:

I've got Purple Tentacle & Green Tentacle, All four of the Pac-man ghosts plus vulnerable ghost, Blue Slime & Metal Slime, Fobby from Earthbound, the E-Tank from Megaman and most of the SMB series mushrooms. Boo chilling in the corner is still in beta; he needs some work.

In addition, I’m having a special at my store before I close up shop for the year. From now till December 11th, shipping and handling in the US is free and International shipping is a dollar off. So if you see something you want or think would make a great present for a fellow gamer, now the time to buy. Plus I need money for MAGFest; cats be struggling.

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