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New hats, Amigurumi and a holiday sale.

I like making hats, but sometimes all work and no play makes Danielle a dull girl. So when I wrapped up the Metroid hat and Alicia’s Scarf, I decided to take a break and try my hand at amigurumi. Here’s all my work for the last two months:

Here's my final version of the Metroid hat after the Hat Battle post:

I've got Purple Tentacle & Green Tentacle, All four of the Pac-man ghosts plus vulnerable ghost, Blue Slime & Metal Slime, Fobby from Earthbound, the E-Tank from Megaman and most of the SMB series mushrooms. Boo chilling in the corner is still in beta; he needs some work.

In addition, I’m having a special at my store before I close up shop for the year. From now till December 11th, shipping and handling in the US is free and International shipping is a dollar off. So if you see something you want or think would make a great present for a fellow gamer, now the time to buy. Plus I need money for MAGFest; cats be struggling.

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