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Semi-Black Friday Adventures: A Trip to Target

(Note, this is about a week late as I�ve been busy with work and school for the past week so I finally got around to writing up this anecdote.).

For the Audioboo version that was recorded the day of the event, click the link below


It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and my friends haven�t all returned from school for the holiday, so I had nothing better to do but to visit Target (don�t ask). Whenever I visit Target, Wal-Mart, or any store of that nature, it�s my natural instinct to go to the electronics section of the store and look at the games. It was here that I noticed that Target had a premature Black Friday sale. They were selling Borderlands and Dragon Age: Origins for $44, as opposed to the normal $60 price tag. I really wanted to play Borderlands, but I wasn�t willing to pay full price on the game for the fact that I�m a cheap bastard�or a relatively cheap bastard. Since I didn�t quite have enough money at the time (my paycheck would be deposited into my account the next day), I relented to my impulse and came back the next day.

The next day, I returned to Target and I had realized I forgot my toothpaste and toothbrush up at school and my family had none to spare, so I decided to temporarily remedy this dilemma by grabbing some Eclipse breath mints. I then passed by the DVD section and noticed the different seasons of Dragonball Z for sale. I saw that the first season of Dragonball Z was $20 and there was a sticker on the cover that said �OVER 900 MINUTES OF UNCUT ACTION!� Knowing much about Internet memes, I picked this up because it was inexpensive and I had the urge to write an extra zero at the end of �900� to complete the meme. Come to think of it, they should make children�s puzzles or something that is called �Complete the Meme� so that future generations will know what�s right in the world and not the current crap like �Hannah Montana� and �Twilight.�

Anyway, right next to the DVD section for some reason is the book section, specifically the romance novels. The first thing I spotted was some Spanish romance novel titled, �Bianca,� with a subtitle that said something like �Los muertos fuego,� which my two years of high school Spanish has taught me stands for �hot death.� Upon later inspection, I�d learn that is not what it said, but didn�t care. The book was $2 and I had a friend who studied Spanish, read children�s books in Spanish and also had a thing for romance novels, so I knew this was the perfect combination.

After acquiring these three items, I proceeded to the electronics section and had the cashier get Borderlands from out of the glass case and had him ring up the game and the other items together. He had rung up the game, the DVD and the breath mints with no question, but when he got to the Spanish romance novel, he came up to a dead stop. For several seconds, he just stared at the book and then proceeded to fondle the cover with the half naked woman on it. He finally rang it up, I paid for my items and we never spoke of the incident again, despite not speaking at all.
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