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FanGamer's Minus Man figure


I'm sure everyone here is familiar with FanGamer, the awesome indie-shop who caters to fans of the Mother series with awesome things ranging from awesome t-shirts, to awesome custom-made guide books, to awesome handcrafted figures. This post is about one such awesome figure, the Minus Man(also known as Negative Man) figure released by FanGamer, and hand-sculpted by Camille Young (a.k.a. Meeellla). Only 20 of them were made, and I was able to swipe one up before they sold out.

Now, aside from the misspelling of my name, I am very happy that I plopped down the 60-something dollars for this figure. He may not be the tallest in stature, but the detail and top-notch craftsmanship Meeellla put into this is has made it all a worthwhile purchase.

Since only 20 of these were made, each one was individually numbered. Mine being #19.

Not to mention the box he came in is a work of art itself. Featuring a whacked-out illustration that strangely fits him perfectly on the inside, a caricature of his face on the back, and the details of the figure on the side. Also, as usual for a FanGamer purchase, they threw in some extras, including an Earthbound Central and Sun pin.

Overall a great buy for the money, and a perfect acquisition for any fan of the Mother series. If you've missed the first run of these figures, I heard FanGamer will be releasing some more soon, but I'm guessing that no more then 20 will be made again, so don't sleep when(and if) they become available again! I'll close this post off with a few more pics.

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