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MAGFest 8: Come Get Some, Dr. Freeman


One month from now, we will be amidst gaming greatness and funness had by all. Do you want to be enjoying or wishing you could've been partaking in the fun? Just a reminder of the upcoming event as well as trying to get a concrete head count.

When: Januaray 1-4, 2010 (most people are leaving on the 3rd)
Where: Mark Center Hilton, Alexandria, VA (just outside of DC)

Evil Cheese
Ferseni +2
Jon Schnake (Dale's Friend)
JT IceFire +1
Zen Albatross
(let me know if I forgot you)

This is the golden list. These are the confirmed people and will have a place to stay. There is a limit to how many people I will stuff in a suite. Don't worry, if more come and notify me before hand, we will work out arrangements for more rooms. So that means that you should NOT come the day of and expect a nice cushy place to sleep!

The best way to ensure yourself on the list is direct contact with someone on the side, or use this email: BlindsideDork @ gmail.com. But beware, the owner will be out of the country for a large chunk of December starting the 14th. Remember this is just for the hotel rooom itself, NOT a badge.

Not sure if you want to join us in all the fun? Think about about a few of these favorite things..24 Hour Video Console Room, 24 Hour LAN Room, 10+ Arcade Cabinets, hopefully funny videos, Video Room, usually a fire alarm pull, Tournaments, who likes waffles?, Cosplay, Topher, Panels, HOTEL ROOMS, Vendors, and THREE nights of concerts featuring the following bands...

The OneUps
Metroid Metal
The Megas
Armadillo Tank (Pieness)
Rare Candy
Rare Candy
The Smash Brothers
Temp Sound Solutions
This Place Is Haunted
Entertainment System

Did I forget to mention that they have special guests like Sid Meier, There Will Be Brawl, and Jon St. John, voice of Big the Cat and Duke Nukem, will be guests to MAGFest?

How does that not sound like an epic time?!

Don't forget to show the MAGFest 8 forum thread some love or hit up the official site for all the details.
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