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RPGs made me read

My name is Chris and i love rpgs why?

Because of the reading

I played my first rpg back in 2000 when i was in kindergarten on my trusty old gameboy color the rpg?

For me at the time it was complicated and most of the other kids were playing games like Pokemon but to me in the game even though i never did figure out how to save it was fun all the while.

But some of the text in that game was too complicated for me so i never did change my equips.
when ever i needed help reading something my mom would help me but clueless about rpgs all i got was the first part of the story. Then later that year when i got Pokemon gold for my b-day ( My dad was a janitor so he found most of the games I owned on the floors in the middle school i now attend ) And i played the loving hell out of it. It was simple and at the time I had acquired enough vocab to actually play and beat it . Thats when i was thinking and realized that Pokemon didn't have that much of the story and i wanted more . And then i turned to reading. While reading i thought that if i tried hard enough i could actually progress in a story based rpg . And it worked . Another plus about it was because i was mostly alone at school for being the designated "nerd" kid i could read and pretend i was the in a fantasy land or i could play a rpg and actually be the one killing the main villain.

fast forward 8 years and i still play rpgs the most recent one was the chrono trigger remake on ds .
I also am the captain of my schools book club and i don't think i would be the person i am today without playing that 1 first rpg.
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