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Why no subtitle version in FF13... why!?


This is one of those things that has been staggering me from buying FF13 or not. Can't comprehend with all the time Square Enix has been developing this game that one of the things that I have enjoyed throughout all my favorite Final Fantasy gaming experience is the way how my imagination fills over by just reading text dialog with no dubbing.

There is something I don't like from having English dubbing on my games when they are originally made in another language. Mostly because they are done wrong or just don't match to our culture. I prefer watching a movie or playing a game in its original native language and just simply add subtitles so I can understand what is going on and understand how other cultures act out. I mean it's like watching those old dubbed Chinese kung fu movies...

[extremely funny, watch whole clip or just skip to 6:12 - 8:00 to get the quick picture]

Can you really fall in love with this type of dialog? (I know Yojim would... but he is a exception), but this is the same way how I experienced FFX, FFX-2, FF12. Well actually no, FF12 was very good dialogs with the Ol English style, but still wasn't my cup of tea. When I play FF style of gaming I expect Japanese style of culture. Anyways I would have preferred this bad bad BAD horrible Chinese movie in its own language with subtitles, I might have even said it was one of the best fighting movies (just a example...), but just adding that horrible English voice over just made it a comical parody.

So back to bashing FF13, brushing everything I said aside, if they went as far as to creating the whole English and Japanese dialog for this game, why not add subtitle version? I mean they already have the dialog in 2 different languages. People who order the original version JP must either understand the language or could get the English subtitle thingy on... like how they have done on almost all past FF games. So making this rant to see if S-E can somehow add the original JP version with English subtitle for the March release as a last hope...
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