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Simpler days...

When the N64 came out i got really into gaming. I was a young kid at the time and just being able to tap a button and have something happen on the screen amazed me. I would go to my local KB toys store and look at the video game shelf's behind the counter and just stare at the box art. I was not a informed consumer at the time, I would ask my mom to buy a game based off the box art. I really can't imagine doing that now though, in 2007 i really got into games. And by that i don't mean just playing them, I got into what i like to call the video game culture. I would read reviews, go to blog sites, forums, and everything like that and its then i started to notice that those simpler days where long gone.

The first game i was ever hyped for since joining the video game culture was Assassins Creed. It was the first game I ever actually went online and tried to get every bit of information for, its also the first game i ever read reviews for. When the game came out I loved it i really did, but half way through i started hearing on forums about how people hated the game and i saw some negative reviews and some time during my play through of the game it stopped being fun. Looking back on it I say this happened a lot and sadly it still is something i struggle with. Maybe I'm a bit naive but being in this culture, listening to other people, and just talking to them about games started shaping my views.

back in my younger years of playing on my N64 I never did play a bad game. I owned maybe 50 N53 games (rich grandparents are rich) and i played every game from clay fighter to Zelda and like i said before I never played a bad game. I remember playing Blood Harvest, Mega Man 64, Mission Impossible, hell even army men and having a great time playing them, and to this day i see people considering them some of the worst games on the 64.

maybe that's growing up, maybe my taste in games have changed. I just miss the days where i could just play a game and have fun with it.


So that was my first blog, please don't tear me apart i promise i will get better. The hardest part about writing this was just putting it into words. I have everything i want to say in my head and if I talk it out to a person it actually makes sense! I tried to put it into a format people can easily read but I know its messy and I want to put down 5 more paragraphs about how i fell but I don't know how to make it fit, this is blogging stuff is hard. I guess the first time is always the hardest.

Thanks for reading.
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