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Mini-Blog: Mother 3 Nightmares

Call me crazy for posting this, but you guys are the only people who know where I'm coming from. Last night, I had alot of trouble sleeping. So once I actually got to sleep, I had some crazy-ass nightmares. Halfway through the night, I guess a smoke alarm near my room needed a battery changing. So every five or ten minutes or so, it would make a high pitched "bing" noise. Now, I had just finished Mother 3, so I had Mother on the mind, of course. Those of you who have played it (or Super Smash Bros Brawl) surely remember the Ultimate Chimera you find in the chimera lab. Whenever this monstrosity spots you, an MGS style "!" appears above its head and a "bing" sound is made. So I guess I could hear the smoke alarm in my sleep, because every time it beeped, the Ultimate Chimera showed up in whatever realistically trippy dream I was already having and slowly begin to pursue me and attack on sight. It goes without saying this made for one of the best and worst night of dreams in my life.

Just a video for reference for those who don't know this horrible awful beast.
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