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Happy Thanksgiving Destructoid, I'm thankful for you and some other stuff.

Hey guys, it's been a while. I'm sure if you cared you probably wondered why I never wrote the expected love-fest post about Uncharted 2, but I'm sure nobody cared, so there's that. Anyway, it's around 11 PM here and my daughter just woke up. She fell asleep at 6 PM in the car. Fucking holidays and their necessary car rides at the wrong fucking times. You may be thinking I'm pissed off, but not really. Thanksgiving on the whole went well. I ate a fuck ton of food, and now that my daughter will be up for the foreseeable future I've downed an energy drink and plan on eating some pie. All sorts of pie, actually. Pie is good. I'm good.

There are a multitude of reasons for that besides pie, but let's not focus on any of the livejournal feeling stuff. Let's talk about some fucking video games. Specifically games I like and am "thankful" for.

First up, let's get the Uncharted 2 out of the way, since I never talked about it. I will make this extremely quick and to the point, as I'll elaborate at a later time when I replay the game and still find myself on the edge of my seat, having the time of my life. The single player is amazing. I'll play it many more times. The multiplayer does not interest me. It's good, but there are better online games, like the next game I'll talk about.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Yeah, we've all seen and heard too much about this game lately, and if you're like me you'd rather just enjoy the game then talk about it online. I haven't completed the campaign yet, but I will eventually. I've spent some time online and loved it, although it's a bit annoying to die and see that your killer is using that gun with the heat beat sensing shit on it over and over again. Besides that small gripe and a few other similar issues, the multiplayer component is easily my favorite in a long time. The only thing I'm worried about now is that I won't be able to devote enough time to both the multiplayer and campaign, not with all the great games I'll be getting over the next few months. But I'm not complaining. I'm fucking thankful for it. Look, I worked in a Thanksgiving line. Too easy.

Last but certainly not fucking least, there's New Super Mario Bros Wii. Seriously, if you consider yourself a Mario fan you have to own this. It's one of those rare games that almost instantly puts a smile on my face. The best part is, the smile never leaves. No, really, it's creepy. I'm like a wax sculpture, super focused yet overcome with intense joy at the same time. I love this game. It's got some amazing level design and also poses a decent challenge, and I'm a damn Mario veteran.

Of course, you can't mention the game without mentioning single player. My 4 year old, who struggles to properly play most games because of the size of controllers these days, has actually been able to make it through the first few levels without a game over. So that's nice. But my wife? Well, that can be either fun or fucking awful. She isn't that good at 2D Mario games, having never played them as a kid. Her first console was an N64. So trying to play with her can be a real pain in the ass. She'll jump and hit my head, or jump into me and fall down a pit or some shit. Usually she has the fucking nerve to get pissed at ME. I know I've made mistakes and killed her a couple of times, but 95% of the time she kills me or herself. She's ridiculous. Almost makes me wish she went back to playing WoW a bit more.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I've really got nothing much to say, besides Happy Thanksgiving I suppose. Oh, and I'm thankful for you guys being around and reading my shitty blog sometimes. It's always a pleasure. I'm such a cornball, right?.

Also, I'm thankful for Jim Sterling continuing to draw tons of angry and hateful comments every week. Always a smile on my face reading his articles and the responses to them.

So, Happy Thanksgiving Destructoid.

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