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Keep yourself clothed in Indie

More like keep yourself clothed in pretentiousness, amirite?

...anyway, three big names in the indie scene announced recently that, in one way or another, you can wear a shirt resembling their own or someone else's creation. Nifflas and AttractMode are coming out with new designs, and Polytron is offering a discount on their existing designs. Let's take a look at all three!

Nifflas announced via his forum recently that he's ordered 100 shirts with these two lovely designs above. One is based off his break-out hit Knytt, and the other I believe to be related to his Knytt Stories "sequel". Both designs were created by Sara Sandberg, who captured the simplistic styling of both games perfectly. Nifflas has yet to open up a webshop though, so until he does you just have the two pre-shots to ogle at over at his forum. He also promised to print more shirts if the first 100-run sells well(which I expect to do just that), so don't be afraid if you miss them the first time through.

Polytron, the indie-dev group responsible for the upcoming FEZ game, has had the above designs in their store for quite sometime. The reason I'm reminding you all of them now is because Polytron announced just a few hours ago that you can buy any of their shirts at 15% off with the POLY15 code at checkout. A more perfect holiday gift for that pretentious, indie gaming loved one in your family. The code is only valid until the 11th of December though, so better get to it before time runs out!

Attract Mode, the gaming-culture shop/blog that has recently opened it's doors not to long ago, told us yesterday to expect a bunch of new product to get stocked onto their webshop. What exactly that product is... was never said, but there is one thing I am expecting to be put up for sale. Remember those official Cave Story shirts that were teased back in June? Yeah... you should be seeing where I'm getting at with this. If their recent announcement does in fact concern these shirts, then I am incredibly excited to see what the final designs will be, as there were quite a few designs made, but only a select few were handpicked by Pixel to actually be put into production. Perhaps we might see a release for these shirts be made alongside the Cave Story WiiWare remake? To finally get to play the Cave Story remake while wearing an official CS shirt... I can imagine no greater justice.
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