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My Cat Found A Game He Likes On The Wii


Meet Andy.

Andy, being a wisened old cat of 3 years, isn't moved by much. Having spent a significant chunk of his life in entertainment (He's done shows, ya know!), he derives no greater pleasure than to enjoy his early retirement in peace. Andy's seen it all, heard it all, and stands generally unphased by the likes of even the finest HD gaming session. If there was ever a cat that was to be a faithful companion to the many adventures I have as a gamer, he wouldn't be it. Thunderous explosions, flashing lighting powers, and giant enemy crab simply don't do it for a sophisticated retired ragdoll such as he.

But tonight, Andy lunged from his perch and sat rapt with attention in front of the TV, staring intensely at the screen and its natural movement. He waited, poised, ready to take advantage of the foolish glutton dot, should it escape its flattened plane of existence and manifest in jumping distance. I had to caution him against it: cat claw and tube glass won't mesh well. Andy soon realized well enough what was happening, but maintained no less interest than before.

He returned to his seat on top of the sofa, and stared captivated at the screen. The soft light flashes. The hypnotically floating blackness. Constant movement contrasted well within the spectrum of his understanding, but not beyond the limits of his awe. Even the playful annoyances of his foster brother, Simon, could not wrest Andy's gaze from the electric light show that was setting his mind afire. This was his type of game. This made sense to him. This was his Citizen Kane.

This is Andy and he's watching me play BIT.TRIP Void.
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