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Can A Community Ruin A Game?

[WARNING: You are about to write an extremely whiny rant. Brace yourself!]

You reload your M4. You look down the sights. No enemies anywhere. You walk down the corridor. Boom. You died. A camper has struck again.

I'm sure you have encountered this; campers have been running rampant in MW2. These people care more about getting points than playing the game. And yes, although it seems a bit bold of me to say it, but there IS a wrong way to play Modern Warfare 2, and camping is NOT a legitimate strategy.

Don't get me wrong, Modern Warfare 2 is a good game. A great game, even. I've told myself many times to persevere, but these people are making it very hard to enjoy this otherwise brilliant title. The fact that they can use weapons that kill you in one shot (FAMAS, Intervention, etc.) doesn't help either. Before you flame, think about it: Doesn't it piss you off when the same person kills you two or three times before you finally kill him because he's sniping you from afar? Doesn't it piss you off when you go 30-50 seconds without seeing an enemy because they're all hiding around corners? It should.

We didn't have this problem with CoD4, I don't see why this problem has grown so out of hand. I am sorry to say that the shining quality of this great game is being dulled by it's awful community. We SHOULD persevere and show these campers whose boss, but it's becoming extremely frustrating. So, can a community kill a game? Maybe. I sure hope not.
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