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Get your Forza 3 Beedog liveries


Seems Forzamotorsport.net has finally fixed its issues, so now I can download photos. Yes, anyway, I made some Beedog vinyl sets for Forza 3. If you would like to have them for your car, they are free. Just search "beedog" on the storefront and they'll be in there someplace.

I also made some Azumanga Daiou and angry Yotsuba ones, but they cost in-game moneys. They're cheap, though. But the Geraldo Beedog ones are free, at the request of Senor Beedog himself. You can download them now if you'd like.

They're available in both chillaxed regular Beedog and srs bzns JOURNALISM Beedog versions. You can see them in the gallery below. I think they're pretty cool, maybe you will also think this. Wear them proudly as you pass muthafuckas in the name of JOURNALISM.
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