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[MYTHBUSTER] Modern Warfare 2 : Sending Trojans via IWNet?


There are some forums posts on IW and Steam about a group call KoT (german for faeces?) going around griefing in MW2 multiplayer. Due to the internet's open door policy on ass-holes this comes as no real surprise. There is always a new group of nobs trying to be the next myg0t. However what is alarming is the claims that they are able to compromise the host and send trojans via the IWnet 2p2 network.

Donvanbadboy has this to say on IW forums:

''It's possible if you host a game for a hacker client, and it's possible if you don't host a game, but are connected to a hacker hosting the game. If the game's net code is not 100% secure then it could be possible to craft special packets of data to cause buffer over-runs (stack smashing). This injects hackers code into your computer, which executes it, and hey presto you have a remote code execution hack. If the code's written well it's possible to make it secure, but stack-smashing bugs are so often overlooked.''

I dont know him or who he is so he could be way off the mark here....

Anyone here in the know about p2p and 'stack smashing' and care to comment?

Is this really possible?

I know diddley squat about programming but if they can start injecting their packets into my back door I'm not gonna be a happy bunny.


Sort of confirmed by this webby as a false positive (thanks to Jon B for the heads-up)


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