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How the Game Industry Works


This economic parasite is everywhere, controlling and trampling the creative department under their �leadship�, buzzwords and execu-speak. It is the reason why Free Radical is dead and Westwood was let go. The people in this management �culture� run the industry and our artistic culture. Virtually no executive has any experience with the industry they are knee deep in. They are interchangeable upper management. They are �leaders�, raised by the MBA executive �culture� to go out and make money in any field, despite the fact that they have experience or working knowledge of the industry they are in. They�re trolling for profit as quickly as possible, no matter the consequences (short term gain versus long term loss). They are the reason while almost all games are homogenous products. They jump on a trend that sells and jump to the next one as soon as it comes along. They are the reason why big chain bookstores have a wall dedicated to James Patterson, yet shrink the Science Fiction department by 100 books a year. They trade in nonexistent commodities (forecasts) as if they were real, which led to such things as prospects and sub prime mortgages. And we all know too well how that turned out.

And nobody manages to see the unsustainable lunacy that North American economics have created. Nobody listens and almost nobody fights back (I haven�t bought an Activision game since 2003, Doom 3 doesn�t count as it was it just published by them). But people keep buying games and feeding the leeches and nothing ever changes because people sustain what is simply an illogical, unsustainable, stupid and frankly evil system.

You bought modern warfare 2 and that�s how Bobby Kotick, the scum of the industry and indicative of everything wrong with modern commerce, made 35 million in one week period. Congratulations!
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