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Fare thee well my big black darling. I'll miss you.

I can never treat Friday the 13th in the same light hearted way as before.

You might have noticed by reading the FNF post, Friday was a bad day for me. It was only just the 13th when it happened, as if it was waiting for it that sarcastic bastard. I was just playing a video game when I heard 3 short beeps. It was my black shiny beast. It was sending out Morse codes in a desperate manner trying to get rescued. It never got further than the "S". I couldn't just say "Oh well it's dead. Let's buy a new one.". No sir. That's why I made this short reconstruction of how it happened and how I tried to rescue it.

As Shipero noted I kept the Dtoid tradition of having credits longer than the actual video. But I still pretty sure that I have missed someone. You see, I've got no video editing skills and no PC who could handle a program which could actually do something. So I had to use Windows Moviemaker. It wouldn't let me add more text. I couldn't even mention the second partial song was: Starsailor - Way to Fall. So don't be sad if you're not on the list. You'll always be in it's heart. It's cold dead heart but still.

It's no secret that I love the PS3 very much but this exact one was special to me. I don't blame it for dying but a warning would be nice. I guess it was too proud to give up. But with a slight suggestion of being ill I could at least save all my data. I don't care about the songs, the movies and game data. But I do care about some save files. Actually just a single one. LittleBigPlanet. I will enjoy playing all the other games again, that's why I bought them in the first place, but LBP is a different story. The published levels are still stored on the servers of course but what about those unpublished levels in progress? All gone. That was a lot of work and something I can never recreate. So Haxan my friend, consider yourself lucky, you're the only one who has seen them all. Maybe I can recreate one of them. But that's only if I can find all the calculations I made.

Only one of you has actually played on it but many of you have played with it. Show me his death wasn't in vain.

Farewell CECH04. I will miss you forever.

Much love,
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