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Modern Warfare 2 Dedis Already?


Because we all know blogs look boring without a picture.

This is not a direct link, for what should be obvious reasons.

Now, before you all go all "BAWW PIRACY" on me, this does not explicitly only apply if you pirated the game. It works on the legitimate version too, so I've been told.

Nonetheless, this is just a fantastic example of how MW2 screwed the pooch in terms of restricting features from people, they'll just end up making their own. The fact that the game has been cracked into for server support AND console support already on the PC version is just a sign that people WILL do something about it if you try and tell PC gamers what they want. Hopefully this will mean IW patch in dedis at a later date, because I've seen full data files that actually contain information about server browsers and dedicated servers that are going completely unused.

Now, for obvious reasons, I'm just showing this as news. If you download it, so be it. It's your own perogative (is that even the right word?) so don't come crying to me.
If you don't download it, then clearly you have no problem with IWnet, so you shouldn't worry about this. It is a hassle to set up, after all.
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