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Xbox 360: I apparently now have one.


Yeah, that is it. That is my new Xbox 360. Well I guess it's not technically "new" or "mine". My dad bought it off his coworker yesterday for $100 after he went out and purchased the new Special Edition Modern Warfare 2 package. Considering that Fallout 3 alone costs $70 up here in Canada, I'd say that that's not too bad of a deal at all. I'm still not sure if he expects me to pay him for it or not. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if he gives me the 360 just so that he can finish Uncharted. He's out of his mind if he thinks I'll give up my PlayStation 3 that easily though haha.

I still don't really know how I feel about it yet. I mean I am excited to have completed the "trifecta" and I now have access to all games released this generation. But at the same time I was perfectly content with just my PS3. I guess it may have more to do with the fact that I am falling way behind in the release schedule for just PS3 games alone and now I have to worry about another console as well. And now that I think about it, there are a few Wii games I still need to get too. Plus games cost money, something I'm kind of lacking right now. I guess since this phone picture is all I've seen of it so far, I haven't been able to establish a connection with the console yet. Yeah school can suck sometimes. It looks like I'll have another week of "productivity" to enjoy before I go home, become acquainted with it and lose myself even more to my gaming habits. Of course the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta starts next week as well on the PS3 so I'll likely be playing a lot of that instead. Speaking of which, the game is looking freakin' awesome. I embedded the video for all to see down below. Check out that hot drilling action *drools*. Oh and if you still haven't got a beta key yet, PM me and I'll send you one. I have 3 extras that I managed to obtain but they may only work with North American accounts. That's what IGN is saying at least. Check my last blog for more details and where you can find more.

Anyways to keep this blog relevant and from being a complete waste of your time, I will tell you the 5 games I am getting for the Xbox 360:

1) Jet Set Radio Future

Yes I know it's not a 360 title but this was the game I wanted most on the original Xbox. Since I only had a GameCube last generation, I could never experience this gem. All I know is that Jet Grind Radio remains one of my all-time favourite games and I can't say that I've lived until I've played the sequel. I should probably pick up the GBA game too eventually.

2) Left 4 Dead 2

A problem I knew I was going to have before I got my PS3 was that none of my friends had one. They all had 360s. Now that I can join them on Microsoft's console I'm already being informed that I must purchase L4D2 when it comes out. Oh I'm not complaining at all, it is the game I've most wanted to come to the PS3. I just have a feeling that I'm not going to get much other gaming done on the 360.

3) Halo 3 & Halo 3: ODST

Can I really own an Xbox without Halo?? Yes but I wouldn't want to. Despite what everyone says, I've always had fun with the series and really enjoy the games. My head is already hurting though just thinking of all the "chatter" I'll be hearing from the other players. Well I guess that will be with all 360 games, right??

4) Crackdown

This is one of the games that I originally wanted a 360 for. The game just looks fun, like something I can get lost in for hours doing nothing. Plus I think I'll need to pump myself up for Crackdown 2 anyways. It helps that this game is really cheap.

5) Viva Piņata

I don't know why I want this game. Maybe because it's bright and quirky. Maybe because I'm half-Mexican. All I know is that I've seen it for cheap as well and I will probably get it eventually.

As it stands, most of my future purchases will still be on the PS3. For one, just about all the games I want are exclusive for the system. Multiplatform titles will probably depend on the game though. I know BF:BC2 is definitely going to the PS3 but games like NHL 11 will probably go to the 360. I'm sure my cousin will make me for that game especially. Having 70+ people on my Friends List as well as pumping quite a bit of money into DLC for the console also help contribute to this decision. We'll see though. I still haven't learned the proper voodoo dance to fend of the RRoD yet either so that is something I'll need to inquire about over the next week.

My GamerTag is CelicaCrazed, just like for everything, in case someone wants to add me though I won't be able to accept it till next weekend. I made it way back when the console released just so that no one could steal my name when I did eventually get a 360. Thinking ahead FTW!!

Alright Dtoiders, see you on the battlefields ^_^
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