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Modding on the Console and why it won't Happen

There was an Article posted recently where a Valve developer talks about how come modding won't come to consoles. It seems that this made many console gamers mad. Why I'm not sure. Modding has always been around for the PC and most console gamers don't want anything to do with PC gaming, which is why the comments surprised me. you can read it here:


Now if you read the comments you will see many console gamers getting miffed that they don't get to play like a PC player with mods and all. The confusing is that if you read the console gamer's comments here following an article written by a console gamer, you might see a lot of hostility toward the PC community, PC gaming, and PC features such as modding.


So how can this be? I can't be sure of it myself, as the console gamers seem to disagreeing with each other on exactly what they want.

See to make a mod you need several things:
1. a high end computer
2. 3D Studio Max and maybe Maya ($3500)
3. a PC copy of the game
4. technical ability to actually do it

Now to understand a mod is the next step. Mods are created, mainly, by fans of a particular game. They then take their skills with the listed equipment above and make the mod taking many many hours in many cases. A mod for the console would take also:
1. owing the console
2. owing a second copy of the game for console
3. a console emulator for the PC

So the fan of the mod would most likely be a console player, as why would a PC fan mod a game for a console. Real studio development won't take place for modding as mods don't make $$. So lets say someone does this. They still most likely need to do something about licensing fees to someone somewhere, and have to get it to download to the console network. Also the console's hardware is limited and many modders would have to work within the tight framework.

So in the end you would need a console game with a mod tool kit, a team of amateur fans who own high tech stuff with high tech hardware/ software, with the ability to get the content online, and can play test it in real time. Not to mention the online ability to choose and see what variables of the mods are turned on and off. We know this is very limited with console matchplay.

Now technically studio developers could create mods, but why if you can't charge for them? That's what DLC is for so they can hit you in $10 increments.

Consoles are just not built this way. They are designed to NOT be this way. Maybe in the next gen or the following gen? But still most console gamers don't want their console and play style to be PC anyway so why would they want this?
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