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Wii Sucks is a lie too. I, I think that people only fondly remember WiiSucks because thatís a popular thing to do, like loving Banj. Thatís a Cblog thing. Woah, Iíve never been up here. Thatís the thing I like about Madworld, because you find stuff in it. Yeah, I mean like, in other games itís like you walk around and you walk around. In MadWorld you walk around and find stuff to kill people with. Oh, find stuff to Ė nuh uh. Iím in a Japanese themed level and I just found a big old gong and Iím dropkicking people into it. I canít explain it; itís just so much fun. Okay like, I just found this big old conveyer belt with a knife on it. Itís funny. And then they die. Ėgibberish-, like the jews. Itís because itís Mexico. Are yaíll purposely acting retarded, I mean címon. But um, -gibberish-, I really got a headache. Like I watch my friends smoke some kind of joint, whatever you call it. Yeah, but I mean, uh. No no, but really I mean it was the weirdest thing. Yeah. Because then like we rode to Dairy Queen. I didnít eat anything, they ate like dangone horses. You know like a horse, if you donít feed it for a long time? Just jokiní Ėgibberish-. Thank you, Zachery Norman. Thank you ZN. Okay yall, I just shoved a French horn in this guy, and heís walking around and heís making the tootiní noises. Yeah yall, this is a great game. Okay he has two French hones, two French hones, two French, whatever, and two boxes, and now heís going around on a fish hook. This is something that like, Barack Obama would play. No no, he wouldnít play this. I donít know. Heís black. Youíre gay. Hamza! Who is that!? Heís not a part of my community, the CG community. VG Mari is a lesbian!? Well Iím glad sheís off these forums. She can stay off. Excommuninicated her. Whatever. Well I think he has something called a moral allity. Of course you wouldnít know what that was, GAY MAN. Or or uh, butt cake. I, I hate how Techno always goes to bat for them and theyíre never there. Madworld is the game of the year, I think it came out in 2009. I used to like uhm, Wry Guy, but then he started posting on the Cblogs. Cat? Wait, what happened? I mean, actually, that would be a good way to describe Madworld, if I was going to describe it. Dude, shut up. You keep saying all this stuff I just got done through saying. Yaíll I got to hit A like a daggum, yeah. I think I might throw up. Krow no, you better not. Thatís like posting a picture of Betty Boobops. Betty- Betty Boobops. Yeah. Whatever you call it. Dadgumit, I didnít have no sex with a mans thumb. No you better not put that stuff about Technophile having sex with Mamadonna. That would make it even better. I canít be responsible for that Krow, no it wouldnít. Because it actually happened. Donít even put that. You had better not put that. God. Well I mean I really I could be banned and then it wouldnít be so silly goose anymore. Wha- we? Thatís just like old Handza. Handza. Hey, I, I playing Mad World. Ehahahahahahaha. I thought that like, I thought I liked Pheonix Wright until I started playing it again. And I canít stand how you have to find out stuff about the case. I just want to be in court with them, you know what I mean. You know, Iím talking about the case itself. I donít wanna be wandering around the NYTD. No I wanna do the lawyer work, because Iím a lawyer in that game. No you donít, youíre a liar. No I mean the whole game is basically you finding out stuff. No, no no. Iím all the way to the part where you find out the cowboy was the one that killed the guy, but it wasnít really the cowboy. But uhm, that is like the last mission, am I not right Kiranio. Yeah. Yeah. Ėgibberish-. No uh no, Iím not saying that, Iím saying it would be better if it was a side scroller beat em up, whenever youíre not doing the lawyer stuff. I need to go to some street work, and then you go in the court room. Oh no no no./ No street fighter crap. You gotta memorize button presses, I donít like that. Madworld, oh my gosh, you would not believe what Iím doing right now if you think I have no, if you think this game, yeah. Iím having to like ,shove coke bottles in peoples mouths, and like, it has to shoot people off into the air so they have to hit these spikes. I donít know where I need to stand, you get what Iím saying? I might, have to go watch that. Nuh uh. I tell you whatís weird, Riot- no Iím not even going to say it because if youíre going to- uh. Uh heck no. Oh my gosh if you put any of this on there Iíll be screwed. You better not. Okay, well Iím leaving Destructoid.com. Actually, actually, actually, leaving. Iím not leaving like Krow left, and Iím not leaving like- Really, why? Well I just like the fact that, Serpentish likes us, and that makes me feel good. Do you hear me, dude shut up man. I donít- really there is nothing else to do on a Friday night. Youíre a jerk. Youíre a jerk. Thatís my ringtone. Hey yall- itís Moscow- I guess nobody wants to listen to me now. I was talking about something, but nope. We only listen when itís convenient for us. Yeah, Iím gonna tell yall the biggest problem with south Georgia right now. I have Ė gibberish- Rockoís Modern Life. Yeah. Well I would never wanna live as a homosexual if we want to be mean to people. Itís, uh I bet it is, I bet I could live the same life if I HAD SEX WITH MEN, itís gay. Nuh uh, your taken that out of context. Who in the heck is Ashley Davis? Is Ashley Davis hot? Well, I mean, I donít care. I mean, everybody is special, in their own special . I mean itís not my fault that certain aspects of Destructoid suck, like the writers and all that, Thatís probably my chainsaw in Mad World. I got a chainsaw. On my arm. Oh, dang. Was everything slow motion? And his shirt came unbuttoned. He gave you money? Hey, just like Trevkor, his whole life is funny. No, itís really. Yeah, no, what is wrong with yaíll not me. Because you shouldnít be worried about your other friend. I wanna hear that story about Ryan Seacrest and Sam, but -. Yeah, yaíll I have a story to say. Thereís this girl in my town, and everybody knows she canít sing, and sheís like all country music, but she sings all over my town, and sheís trying out for American Idol. I like- no eh no, I donít think you know Virtual Girl. Okay, itís not as bad as Riotal Girl. Okay, well, how bout we start talking about Phantomile. Ohmygosh I thought that Phantomile was a girl. Ėgibberish- Oh he was? Yaíll the game just said that ninjas were slaughtering you gotta go shave geisha. No uh no, you gotta go save a geisha. You know what a geisha is, sheís like a Japanese hooker. My youth pastor was talking about love, and he said something about fellatio love. I was like what are you talking about? I whispered in his ear, youíre talking about licking a guys penis. Dude Krow, seriously, you shouldnít this in a ball. Because what what, what if Technophile gets his feelings hurt. And uhm, what if uhm, Riot Girl gets her feelings hurt. I didnít call her ritual girl. What did you say? I bet this not be this red rings. Well thatís your problem, youíre using both, you just need to use Firefox. -EXASPERATED SIGH-. Have you already captured all the criminals. He probably got bored. Because all the criminals. You havenít read Batman. Who is Sam jizz? Sam Jennings is somebody I ignore. Well no, Sam, you can make it less apparent to all my other friends, that youíre gay. Why? Why? No, no, Call him back. Call him back! No, no, no did Serp just leave? No, no make him less bored. We should start talking about, I donít know. I donít know what Serp likes. Dude I was just joking Sam, I donít care if youíre gay. Can I start it?? Look at Brad Nicholson, my muscles are getting restless, first I like what they call beautiful women, and I got beautiful muscles. Okay, oh see. No no, uh. My head is killing me. Yaíll donít understand. I donít think yaíll have had headaches before. Well Iím not Trevkor. Iím not complaining like that. I just got a headache. Dude, I havenít had a girlfriend Trevkor, so my life is worse than yours. Thornn has posted those pictures, in like fifty threads, and this is the first thread he has ever posted those pictures in, where somebody has responded to him doing. FIFTY TIMES. Bye. Who would win a fight, Travis Touchdown, or that guy from Area 51. Sam. Sam. What? Hamza? Poopface wouldnít like me if we talked. Heíd be like, fuck this Iím going to go play some F-Zero. Dude, donít post that. Or, just donít post it. I donít know why you wanna do that. Iím about to break our forum friendship. Okay, but. If I was high, then would I have a headache? Hey. How old is Mamadonna? I mean is she above seventeen. I mean, because Kyle Gamagee and el nine nine Ron are pedophiles. You go look in the bad sex thread, and they all wanna know what is up Minxxís coochie. Oh. EHAHAHA. Christian game morality. Why why why why would you, why would you do that? Like my head, really hurts, and youíre taking advantage of that. Oh my gosh. Hey wait, Serp letís play online tetris against each other. Dude, no donít say that. I was reading over some of this, and you put one word in there that did not happen, for a fact. I also canít believe that you put that in there, that Mamadonna and Technophile had sex. That Mamadonna and KyleGammagee had sex? Theyíre married. I canít, I really, I donít, ah my head, it hurts. Oooh, I- I wanted Trevkor to come in, and then, and then we, and then yaíll could hear him. And then my headdd. Oh my gosh. I gotta go yaíll. I gotta go. Iíll talk to yaíll tonight. I mean tomorrow night. Yeah. Weíll talk about uhm, Halo 3. No. Did yaíll pay for the maps in Halo 3. Really? I didnít pa for them. I have the first one, map. Lookitnot. Goodnight.
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