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MW2 - How the pirates might win for now but we all will lose eventually...


IWNet wants your gold.

Looking back at CoD4 and when they released the DLC for the xbox they charged $$$ for it but there is no way or buisness model that meant they could charge us PC gamers. So to cover the loss in revenue they got a sponsor (turned out to be nvidia) for the map pack. IWNet ties this up nicely by introducing a pay per download basis.

It got nothing to do with ensuring the players experience is 'the best it can be' spin-bollocks put out by IW. They are a business and however short sighted that business may be they are in it for the money.

I can almost guarantee that within a couple months the code is cracked and that there are versions freely available that do not rely on IWNet, that also re-introduce the features they have nerfed like the lean and console command system and also a version of MW2 that runs on cracked dedicated servers.

PC Gamers need to make sure we don't fall for the quick fix.

If the pirates do crack MW2 it will undoubtedly be more popular that IW's version, This turns the whole reason behind IWNet and other similar systems into a self fulfilling prophecy, and when other company's look at those 'loss of sales' figures they wont also look at the true reasons behind them. The bottom line is they will view PC gaming negatively. They will do less.

All we will have to look forward to is more stringent DRM/Secrom/IWNet-esq counter piracy systems being introduced and direct console ports only.

The end of days is nearly upon us already:-

Rebellion - Aliens vs predators : No dedicated servers
iD - Rage - No dedicated servers
Codemasters - OF:Dragon Rising - No dedicated servers

iD have publicly confirmed that they are glad IW are blazing the trail for them, they like the rest are now sitting back waiting to see what happens.

What can we do?

Take no 'booty' and and make no sale.
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