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DJ Hero review

DJ Hero was surreptitiously released last week and it�s unfortunate that such an original game gets lost in the music game clusterfuck of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Though it�s not completely original since Konami started a turntable rhythm game called Beatmania more than a decade ago for arcades and consoles. That series ended in 2002, and now Activision and FreeStyleGames have adopted the gameplay of Beatmania with a turntable peripheral game of their own.

Since DJ Hero uses a new peripheral, the game is more interesting than Guitar Hero and Rock Band in my opinion. You can�t simply hop into the game with what you know from those games. Fortunately, the game offers a very robust training mode that grinds the game�s interface into you.

DJ Hero is a breath of fresh air in the world of rhythm games. Much like the original Guitar Hero, DJ Hero has limited features aside from playing through the different mixes and multiplayer mode. This of course, means the inevitable flood of sequels and downloadable content in the months to come. There�s also the ability to have another player plug in a guitar or microphone and play along with the DJ, but those get lost in the chaos of all of the DJ action. I highly recommend checking the game out, despite the $120 price tag, or $199 for the Renegade Edition of the game.

Score: 4/5

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