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Forza 3 painter recreates Fantasy Zone's boxart



All glory for this belongs to Xbox Live user and Forza 3 painter Private Custard, who has done an incredible job on the car. I mean, look at it: that looks like Fantasy Zone's box art to perfection! And he's managed to wrap it around the car in such a way that it looks really cool, too, from the Sega logo on the front bumper to the side panels having a faithful recreation of the scene displayed in a screenshot on the back of the box itself. If you have Forza 3, it's on his storefront: just search "Fantasy Zone Sega Master System" and have 10K in in-game credits ready to buy it. Oh, and reminder: it's for the Nissan 370Z, so you'll need one of those, too.

All of this has possibly inspired me to start thinking about painting a classic car you might all remember from back in the day:

... Or at least find someone willing to take up the challenge of doing it.
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